Paithani Blouse Designs: 10 Elegant Patterns For A Gorgeous Look

Sarees reflect the tradition of India. They look beautiful and classy and are comfortable to wear. Different states of India wear various types of sarees, one of them is the paithani saree. The elegance that this particular type of saree brings is incomparable. Silk and gold threads are used to create the fine fabric and stunning designs and patterns that define Paithani sarees. Named after the Paithan district in Maharashtra state, where they are weaved by hand, is the Paithani variety of saree. It is regarded as one of the most expensive sarees in Maharashtra since it is made of extremely fine mulberry silk.

Paithani sarees are native to Maharashtra. These sarees are a popular choice among Indian women for special occasions and weddings. The unique and intricate designs of these sarees are passed down for generations and are known for their vibrant colours and fine silk fabric. If you’re looking for the perfect paitrhani sarees and blouses for the same, you’ve reached just the right place. If you’re looking for the perfect paithani sarees and blouses for the same, you’ve reached just the right place.

What makes these sarees beautiful are their unique blouse designs. Wearing matching blouse with paithani sarees bring along a charm that stays for a long time making people turn their heads. In this blog, we’ve listed the 10 latest paithani blouse designs you can try with your sarees on your next occasion. Pick the one you like the most and grab them on special prices with these deals and offers.


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Bead Stitched Blouse

When it comes to elegance, beads take the top position. A beaded blouse does not only enhances the overall look of your paithani saree but also brings out your charm. You can go for vibrant or subtle color combinations that suit the best on you according to your skin tone. If you’re going for a saree which is simple, then a bead stitched blouse would look good. The beaded design of the blouse will add some fanciness to the overall look of the saree which is otherwise simple. Coordinated with gold jewellery and gajra, the saree and the blouse gives you a royal look.

Fashion Tip

You can experiment with different blouse patterns such as backless, lace & latkans, buttons etc. Wear a necklace with earrings, add some gajra to your hair, and with the traditional Maharashtrian nath, you’re all set to rock the occasion.

Knots & Frills Blouse

If you’re looking for a blouse design with a touch of modernity, the knots and frills design will suit you the best. This blouse features a knot or a bow at the back or front of the blouse, which is often accompanied by frills or ruffles along the edges of the sleeves or neckline. While there is a plethora of options with modern designs you can incorporate within your blouse, balloon frills and bell-shaped frills are the most in trend.

Fashion Tip

You can let your hair loose, and wear traditional earrings and a locket or necklace along with bangles and traditional shoes for an elegant look. You can also go for bracelets or chains for a minimalistic style.
If you choose to go for a more contemporary look with your saree and blouse, going for pastel and subtle colours would be like cherry on the cake. This way, you can bring out the best of these modern ailments of the outfit. Also, you can add belt in a contrasting color to add some structure and sophistication to the overall look.

Boat Neck Blouse

This one is not going out of fashion anytime soon. The boat neck blouse is typically made from silk or other high-quality fabrics that complement the Paithani saree really well. Here we have a blouse option fo you that looks expensive and would be a great deal with many sarees that you can carry it with. This paithani blouse design fits all body types and shapes offering a classy look.

Fashion Tip

Tie your hair up in a bun,  add a gajra or a flower hairpin to enhance the hairstyle, and wear a pair of heavy jhumkas along with a pair of heels for an elegant & royal look. Organza silk sarees look wonderful with boat neck blouses as they add the perfect amount of chicness to a traditional look with a touch of newness. You can choose the blouse from a great variety that would go well with not just one but with many other options too.

Bow Tie Blouse

Bow tie blouses are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They can be worn to work, a dinner party, or even a casual weekend outing. They add a touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit and are a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to your wardrobe. Backless designs featuring a bow tie look really classy and nice at the same time. Different styles, different patterns and different colors are available for these blouses at many shopping sites.

Fashion Tip

Since the bow tie will give a chic look to your saree, thistime, you can go for whatever you like. For a simple but stylish look, all you need to do is curl up your hair and let them loose, or maybe tie them in a messy bun add hair jewellery, wear a pair of earrings and a nose pin to complete your beautiful ethnic look. This look will surely be liked by many. If you don’t prefer keeping the bow tie just like that, you can always add some latkats to your blouse for an extra dose of charm.

Net Design Blouse

If you want to give your paithani saree a new and unique look, the net blouse design is the right choice. This paithani blouse design offers elegance to your saree. Pair it with the right set of accessories to flaunt your style on the occasion. Get net detailing on the blouse on the shoulders, on the sleeves, or even at the back. A little relevance in your blouse will the be attention grabber. There are hundreds of designs and color options available for your to choose from. Go for the one that you can pair up in multiple ways.

Fashion Tip

The best part of this blouse is that you can accessorize it however you like; it will look classy and beautiful. Let your hair loose or braid them, pick any hairstyle of your choice that will suit the attire. You can either go for hair and other accessories or totally ditch them, the net detailing of yout blouse would be just enough to make you stand out in the crowd. Pair the saree with bangles and bracelets to complete your elegant look. 

Kurti Style Blouse

Another unique blouse design is the kurti style. Kurti-style blouses are usually made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and can be adorned with embroidery, prints, or other embellishments. The best part – is you can wear it with jeans and leggings. Bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, slit sleeves, and many more are the options you can choose for your kurti style blouse. Not only can you pair them with a pair of jeans but you can also playaroun with your saree style with this type of blouse.

Before selecting a design, we suggest you look over different designs on the internet until you find the perfect match. You may also find great deals on blouses while looking online, keep looking!

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Fashion Tip

Kurti-style blouses can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. To pair up your kurti-style blouse, you can accessorize it with jewellery, such as statement earrings or a necklace, or add a stylish clutch. Try experimenting ith the style in terms of everything with this piece of apparel that you can style in multiple ways. Go for solid colors and different patterns .

Embroidered Blouse

Embroidered blouses are a popular choice for Marathi paithani blouse designs as they are often paired with sarees or lehengas. However, they can also be paired with western wear, such as skirts or trousers, to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. You can try and go for blouses which have intricate patterns and designs which are different from the usual. The best pasrt about embroidered blouses is that they are usually made with multi color designs which allow you to style them with different or contrasting colors of your saree.

Fashion Tip

Embroidered blouses look beautiful and complete the look of your paithani saree, however, pairing them with accessories enhances the overall look of your outfit. Wear a set of matching bangles along with a pair of earrings and heels for an elegant & traditional look. However, you can g for a minimal look in terms of accessories because the blouse and the saree would be enough to catch the attention of people around you.

Plunge Neck Blouse

If you love experimenting with your style and want a bold look with your paithani saree, you can opt for a plunge neck blouse design. It is time to get into the hot part of fashion with this elegant long fabric. Plunge neck blouses can come in a variety of styles and fabrics, from casual cotton to formal silk, and look bold yet elegant with your ethnic outfit. While the neck is plunge and there is not much room for experimentation with the neck, you can always play around with the sleeve pattern. Opt for a tank, broad or even a full sleeve pattern according to your preference.

Fashion Tip

Tie your hair up in a bun or style them in beachy loose waves and wear long and heavy earrings along with rings and a clutch for a classy and bold look. You can also choose between light and heavy makeup according to the event. With a plunge neck blouse, go for a ruffle style or a lain satin saree. You can also go for an organza saree while carrying this blouse.

Puffed Sleeve Blouse

Puffed sleeves look beautiful and are suitable for most traditional events, especially weddings. If you’re looking for a wedding paithani blouse design, you can choose a puffed sleeve blouse as they look traditional & beautiful. Also, you can experiment with the length of sleeves to get the best look. Not only this type of sleeve will give you a more aesthetic look but will also make your arms look toned. You can always keep the sleeves of the blouse matching with the border of your saree for a perfect look. These blouses look lovely and sophisticated in a variety of ways. Either a completely puffed sleeve look or something more understated, like a puffed shoulder pattern, are your options. Regardless of the style you decide on, keep the rest of your outfit basic to highlight your puff blouse.

Fashion Tip

Puffed sleeve blouses come in different styles, such as short sleeves, long sleeves, and off-the-shoulder. Experiment with different styles to find the one that best suits your personal style and body shape. Also, accessorize with earrings, bangles, and a clutch to get the perfect look. Either a completely puffed sleeve look or something more understated, like a puffed shoulder pattern, are your options. Regardless of the style you decide on, keep the rest of your outfit basic to highlight your puff blouse.

Long Sleeve Blouse

The long-sleeve blouse is a popular paithani blouse design that is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their saree look. Even though it is the long sleeve design, you can always choose what length you want to keep. Either you can go for a three – forth length or a sleeve that goes till your wrists. It adds a touch of formality to the overall look, making it an ideal choice for formal events such as weddings or parties. Full sleeves blouse are a great and safe pick no matter what kind of occasion or event you’re attending as you can always choose from a variety of neck designs with full sleeves.

Fashion Tip

To complete your look with a full sleeve blouse, you can either go for a sleek or messy bun, or some loose curls that will bring out the best of your sophisticated look. Feel free to add gajra or hair jewellery to your hair (accordng to the place you’re wearing the blouse to), and wear a pair of long danglings along with a bracelet and watch to get the best look for the occasion.


To ensure a harmonious look, select a blouse that matches your saree. Coordinate colors by choosing a blouse hue that complements your saree’s tones. Opt for a fabric that aligns with your saree’s texture, and select a design that enhances its style. For a flawless fit, have the blouse tailored to your measurements.
You can find readymade or fabric paithani blouses on brands like Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, and more. Visit these websites to find the best blouses for your saree.
To save on the latest blouses, use the brand’s coupons & discount codes to get some % off during shopping. Shop during sales or take advantage of the rewards program to save more on paithani blouses.
For Paithani blouses, a traditional bun adorned with flowers or a simple side-parted bun complements the elegance. These hairstyles highlight the intricate design of the blouse and allow the beauty of the Paithani saree to shine through, creating a balanced and graceful look.
Paithani sarees exhibit rich, traditional colors such as vibrant peacock greens, regal purples, deep maroons, and royal blues. These hues highlight the opulent silk and intricate zari work, creating a tapestry of heritage and elegance, making each Paithani a timeless masterpiece.


This was the list of the 10 latest paithani blouse designs, you can look over a bunch of the latest designs on the internet to get inspiration or to make a purchase. Also, keep an eye on the coupons and codes of brands while making your decision.

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