15 Sleeve Blouse Design for Saree

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Blouses add to the classy look of your saree or lehenga. Beautifully designed blouses look stunning and also add charm to your overall look. Many of us may think we need some fancy blouse to look charming, but that’s not true.

We can look our best selves even with a simple blouse. How? We’ll tell you. Often we underestimate the potential of a simple sleeve design for a blouse; we tend to think that ‘it won’t look that good,’ but that’s a false perception. We can look good in any dress with our styling sense and creativity.

In this blog, we’ve listed 15 simple blouse sleeve designs to give you ideas of the unique looks you can try with simple sleeve blouses.

Full Sleeve Backless Blouse

Backless blouses look classy and pretty, but combined with full sleeves, they become one of the most elegant pieces of clothing. You can wear them at formal functions, parties, events, or however you like.

There are multiple backless blouse designs you can go ahead with. You can choose a simple hook design with lace, a heart-cut design, & many more. The blouse should reflect your style & personality; with the right accessories, you’re ready to slay the party.

Style Tip

    • Tie up your hair in a bun with a flower hairclip, and pair them with a clutch, watch, and heels for an elegant look.

    • Curl up your hair and leave them untied. Put on some bangles and watch along with jhumkas for a traditional look.

Broad Neck Blouse

Another design you can go for with full sleeves is a broad neck design. It reflects a royal look and is suited for every occasion. This simple blouse sleeve design adds charm to your appearance when worn with suitable accessories.

Style Tip

    • Straighten your hair, wear long earrings along with a bangle and watch for a classy look.

    • Tie up your hair in a side bun and some flowers or a clip to accessorise your hair. Wear a pair of jhumkas with bangles and a watch to look royal.

Strap Sleeve Blouse

If you want a more traditional look with a touch of modernity, strap-sleeve blouses would be a perfect choice. Strap-sleeve blouses look beautiful on a light saree and are best suited for family functions and festivals.

They leave you a lot of cloth for experimenting; you can choose from a backless design, pattern cuts, simple blouse design etc. for your blouse.

Style Tip

    • Leave your hair untied, and wear a heavy necklace set with a bracelet or bangles and heels to complete your elegant look.

    • Tie up your hair in a bun, put on a pair of long earrings, take a clutch and put on some fancy heels for a gracious look.

¾ Sleeve Length Blouse

A 3/4 sleeve-length blouse is a versatile and stylish option suitable for different occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for work or going out for a casual weekend brunch, a blouse with a 3/4 sleeve length is a great choice.

This simple sleeve blouse design offers many options in colours and patterns. You can choose from a classic white or black blouse for a versatile option, or a bold print or bright colour to make a statement.

Style Tip

A braid or a bun will give an elegant look to your hair, and a pair of round or long earrings along with bangles and a watch will complete your classy look on a ¾ sleeve-length blouse.

You can design the blouse in the round or broad neck style for a royal look, and with the right pair of accessories, you can look elegant and classy.

Embroidered Blouse

These blouses add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the saree. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or adding some flair to a casual outfit, an embroidered blouse can help you achieve a polished and stylish look.

Embroidered blouses come in many different styles, including traditional ethnic designs and more modern, contemporary styles. Check out various online websites before shopping or designing your sleeve.

Style Tip

    • Tie up your hair in a bun with a flower hair clip, put on a pair of long earrings, and some fancy heels for a royal look.

    • You can also let loose your hair or go with a messy bun for a gracious hairstyle. Pair it with jhumkas to complete your party look.

Puffed Sleeve Blouse

When it comes to simple sleeve blouse designs, puffed sleeves form one of the most elegant yet simple sleeve designs. It adds a touch of feminine elegance to any outfit.

The voluminous sleeves can create a romantic, vintage-inspired look, while the gathered shoulder adds some extra visual interest to the design.

Style Tip

Let loose your hair, and put on a bindi, and a pair of earrings to get a soft look. You can also experiment with the style of the blouse if you want a backless, round neck, v-neck etc.

Choose the right accessories according to the design & pattern of your blouse, and pair them with flats to get a more traditional and sophisticated look.

Butterfly Neck Blouse

The best thing about simple sleeves is that they give you a lot of room to experiment. A butterfly neck blouse features a neckline that resembles a butterfly. It adds a unique flair and elegance to the blouse.

Style Tip

Put on a locket or necklace with long earrings and heels along with a clutch or purse for an elegant look. You can also go with bracelets and bangles to add grace to your outfit. The blouse will look good in the full sleeve, puff sleeve, or simple sleeve, you can choose according to your style.

Net Sleeve Blouse

The net or mesh sleeves add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the blouse. Net sleeve blouses can come in a variety of styles, such as off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and sleeveless. They can also feature different necklines, such as the round neck, V-neck, or boat neck.

Style Tip

Although you’re free to choose any hairstyle, we’d suggest a messy bun or braids as it will look beautiful with net blouses. You can also add gajra to increase the beauty of your hairstyle and overall appearance.

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Ruffle sleeve blouses can be a versatile and stylish addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They look beautiful and add uniqueness to your saree.

Style Tip

Pair the saree with a locket set or necklace with a set of bangles and a watch to get a graceful look. You can also add bracelets or a bindi for a more gracious look.

Pleated Sleeve Blouse

The simple sleeve blouse designs have a long list of sophisticated blouses, one of them is the pleated sleeve blouse. This blouse is unique in design and pattern. They are best suited for festivals and family functions.

Style Tip

Pair the saree with necklaces and bracelets, and add gajra to your hair to get the soft Indian traditional look.

Tie-up Sleeve Blouse

If you want a more unique and modern blouse, we’d suggest the tie-up sleeve blouse. They look different and form a fusion of Indian and Western wear. They look great with both heavy and light sarees.

Style Tip

Let your hair loose or add a flower or leaf hairclip, and put on a chain or locket with small earrings for a simple and classy look.

Umbrella Sleeve Blouse

Another unique design form of simple sleeves is the umbrella sleeve blouse. They are flair-like sleeves that can be made in both full & half-sleeve forms. They add a touch of modernity to the traditional blouse.

Style Tip

Let loose your hair, and wear a watch or bracelet with heels and a clutch to get a gracious look. You can also choose to tie your hair in a braid or bun.

Elbow Length Blouse

These sleeves are designed slightly above the elbow. These blouses are most suitable for official parties and grand family functions, although that’s not a rule of thumb; you can also wear them for a casual outing. Also it is the most trending fashion in nowdays.

Style Tip

You can pair the saree with bangles or bracelets and fancy hair jewellery to get a gracious look at your event.

from short bell sleeves that end above the elbow to long bell sleeves that extend past the wrist.

Style Tip

Braid your hair, and wear long earrings with a clutch and heels for an elegant look. You can also wear bracelets to enhance your outfit’s grace.

Keyhole Design Blouse

You can enhance your blouse’s sleeves with the keyhole cut, they give your blouse a stylish and beautiful look. If you want to experiment with your simple sleeves, a keyhole cut could be one of the designs you should go for.

Style Tip

Wear a set of bangles and a watch with a handbag and heels to complete your gracious traditional look.


That completes our list of simple blouse sleeve designs for saree. Try different styles, fabrics, and designs until you find your perfect fit. Experiment with different combinations and accessories to get the best look. If you want to save more while shopping, visit The Shopping Friendly to get the best deals and the latest coupons on your favourite brands.