Qatar Airways Privilege Club: Fly with Amex Membership Rewards

Qatar Airways, a pinnacle of luxury aviation, offers impeccable service, global connectivity, and a fleet of modern aircraft; in addition to great luxurious options, Qatar Airways also brings many offers & membership programs for its passengers to save more on its flights. Recently, It has partnered with American Express in Australia, that’ll help customers to redeem Avios from their Amex membership rewards points. We know that you may be having questions about this program, don’t worry, we’ll cover all the benefits of this partnership in the blog, so read it till the end to save on your next flight.


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What Are Qatar Airways & Amex Membership Rewards?

Qatar Airways & Amex partnership allows Amex cardholders to transfer their Membership Rewards points to Qatar Airways Privilege Club Avios. You can use your Amex points to book flights on Qatar Airways and other one-world airlines.

The transfer ratio is 1:1, so for every 1,000 Amex points you transfer, you will receive 1,000 Qatar Avios. No transfer fees exist, so you can share your points without losing value. The Qatar Airways Privilege Club has many award redemption options, including flights, upgrades, and hotel stays. You can also use your Avios to book experiences, such as concerts, sporting events, and excursions.

The Amex and Qatar Airways partnership is a great way to use your Amex points for travel. With this partnership, you can access Qatar Airways’ award-winning service and reach destinations worldwide.

Why Be A Part Of Amex Membership Rewards?

Becoming a part of Amex Membership Rewards offers a multitude of compelling reasons to enhance your financial and lifestyle experience:

  • Flexible Rewards: Amex Membership Rewards allows you to earn points on everyday purchases, which can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards, including travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more. This flexibility lets you tailor your rewards to your preferences.
  • Travel Benefits: Membership Rewards can be transferred to various airline and hotel loyalty programs, providing opportunities for free flights, upgrades, and hotel stays. This is particularly valuable for frequent travellers seeking to maximise their travel experiences.
  • Exclusive Offers: Amex frequently offers exclusive promotions, discounts, and deals for cardholders, ensuring you receive added value on your spending.
  • Lifestyle Experiences: Membership Rewards often extend beyond traditional rewards, granting access to unique events, experiences, and entertainment, from VIP concert tickets to culinary adventures.
  • Personalised Service: American Express is known for its exceptional customer service, offering 24/7 support, personalised assistance, and fraud protection for added peace of mind.
  • Travel Insurance: Many Amex cards include travel insurance benefits, covering trip cancellations, baggage loss, and medical emergencies.
  • Membership Tiers: Depending on your card, you may be eligible for various membership tiers that offer additional perks, such as airport lounge access and concierge services.
  • Points Multipliers: Some cards offer accelerated points earned in specific categories like dining, groceries, or travel, allowing you to accumulate rewards faster.
  • Credit Building: Responsible use of an Amex card and consistent point accumulation can contribute positively to your credit history, potentially improving your credit score.

Benefits Of Amex Membership Rewards

  • Travel benefits: Qatar Amex cardholders can earn Membership Rewards points that can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and hotel stays on Qatar Airways and other oneworld airlines. They also receive access to airport lounges, priority check-in and boarding, and other travel-related perks.
  • Cash back: Some Qatar Amex cards offer cash-back rewards on purchases made at participating merchants. This can be a great way to save money on everyday expenses.
  • Discounts and offers: Amex Cardholders receive periodic Qatar Airways promo code & discounts. This includes discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses.
  • VIP treatment: Qatar Amex cardholders are often treated to VIP treatment at participating merchants and partners. This includes priority service, complimentary upgrades, and other exclusive benefits.

How To Redeem Amex Membership Rewards?

Redeeming Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles through Amex Membership Rewards involves a straightforward process:

  1. Log in to your Amex Membership Rewards account. Navigate to the points transfer section and select Qatar Airways Privilege Club as the partner program. Enter your Privilege Club account details.
  2. Choose the number of points you want to transfer from your Amex Membership Rewards account to Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Verify the transfer details before confirming.
  3. Once you confirm the transfer, the points will be converted to Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles. Transfers are usually processed within a few days, but checking the specific transfer times on both Amex and Qatar Airways websites is advisable.
  4. Log in to your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account. Browse the Qatar Airways website for available flights and services. You can use your Privilege Club miles for flight bookings, upgrades, and other services during the booking process.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your flight booking or service redemption using your Privilege Club miles. Make sure to review your booking details before finalising the redemption.

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Qatar Airways Privilege Club

In addition to Amex Membership Rewards, Qatar Airways has another loyalty program to help you save more on your flight bookings. Qatar Airways Privilege Club is the loyalty program of Qatar Airways, designed to reward and provide exclusive benefits to its frequent flyers and loyal customers. 

As a member of the Privilege Club, travellers can earn and redeem Qmiles – the program’s currency – for a range of travel-related rewards and services. Here’s an overview of Qatar Airways Privilege Club:

  • Earning Qmiles: Members can earn Qmiles by flying with Qatar Airways or its partner airlines and through various travel-related activities such as hotel stays, car rentals and shopping with partner brands. Qmiles accrual varies based on the distance flown, class of travel, and fare type.
  • Membership Tiers: Privilege Club offers different membership tiers – Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Advancing through these tiers depends on the number of Qpoints earned within a specific time frame. Higher tiers offer enhanced benefits, including bonus Qmiles, lounge access, and priority services.
  • Redeeming Qmiles: Qmiles can be redeemed for various rewards, including flight tickets, upgrades, excess baggage allowance, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. This allows members to turn their accumulated miles into valuable travel experiences.
  • Partner Network: Qatar Airways has an extensive network of partner airlines, hotels, and other travel-related partners. This enables Privilege Club members to earn and redeem Qmiles even when traveling with these partners.
  • Family Program: The Family Program allows members to pool Qmiles with their family members, making it easier to reach rewards faster as a collective unit.
  • Qcredits: Privilege Club members with Gold or Platinum status receive an additional currency called Qcredits. These can be used to pay for award fees, excess baggage, lounge access, and more.

Benefits Of Privilege Club Membership

Qatar Airways Privilege Club offers a range of benefits to its members, with the scope and availability of these benefits varying based on the membership tier. Here are some of the key benefits that Privilege Club members can enjoy:

  • Priority Check-In: Gold and Platinum members enjoy priority check-in at dedicated counters, reducing waiting times at the airport.
  • Lounge Access: Silver, Gold, and Platinum members can access Qatar Airways’ luxurious lounges and those of its Oneworld alliance partners, offering a comfortable and relaxing pre-flight experience.
  • Priority Boarding: Gold and Platinum members have the privilege of boarding the aircraft ahead of other passengers, ensuring a smoother and more convenient boarding process.
  • Excess Baggage Allowance: Higher-tier members are granted additional baggage allowance, allowing them to carry more luggage without extra charges.
  • Preferred Seating: Gold and Platinum members can select preferred seats in advance, ensuring a more comfortable and personalised journey.
  • Priority Waitlist and Standby: Gold and Platinum members enjoy priority status on waitlists for fully booked flights and on standby lists for alternate flights.
  • Special Offers and Promotions: Members receive exclusive access to special promotions, discounts, and partner offers, enhancing the overall value of their membership.
  • Exclusive Partner Benefits: Privilege Club partners with various airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and retail brands, providing members additional opportunities to earn and redeem rewards.
  • Elite Tier Bonuses: Gold and Platinum members earn bonus Qmiles on eligible flights, accelerating their mileage accumulation.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Higher-tier members receive priority customer service, ensuring personalised assistance and support.

Some More Saving Tips On Qatar Airways

In addition to Privilege Club & Amex Membership Rewards, you can save more on Qatar Airways through these tips.

  • Book Early: Secure lower fares by booking well in advance. Prices often rise as the departure date approaches.
  • Flexible Dates: Be open to adjusting your travel dates. Mid-week flights and off-peak seasons usually offer better deals.
  • Promotions and Sales: Keep an eye on Qatar Airways’ official website and social media for special promotions and sales, especially during holiday seasons
  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscribe to newsletters to receive exclusive offers and deals directly in your inbox.
  • Multi-City Bookings: If your trip involves multiple cities, consider using Qatar Airways for part of your journey, as they offer competitive fares and options.
  • Price Alerts: Set up price alerts on flight search engines to be notified when fares for your desired route drop.
  • Group Bookings: If you’re travelling with a group, inquire about group booking discounts.
  • Student and Senior Discounts: Qatar Airways offers special fares for students or seniors. Enroll to get more benefits.
  • Cashback and Travel Portals: Use cashback websites or travel portals to earn cashback or additional rewards when booking Qatar Airways flights.
  • Companion Fares: Look out for companion fare offers where you can get a discount when booking for two or more passengers.
  • Mix Airlines: Consider mixing airlines for a round-trip if it lowers overall costs.
  • Baggage Fees: Pack light or choose a fare that includes baggage to avoid extra fees.

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Yes, Qatar Airways & Amex partnered to avail benefits to their users. You can redeem Avios from your Amex credit card on Qatar Airways & save on your next flight bookings.
Yes, Qatar Airways accepts American Express (Amex) as a payment method for flight bookings and other services. You can also become an Amex member to get special benefits from Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways has the “Qatar Airways Privilege Club” loyalty rewards program. Privilege Club allows members to earn Qmiles for flights and partner transactions, which can be redeemed for various travel rewards, upgrades, hotel stays, and more, enhancing the travel experience with exclusive benefits and privileges.
Claim Qatar Airways Privilege Club points (Qmiles) by enrolling in the program, providing your membership number while booking flights, and verifying points in your account. For missing points, use the retrospective claim option. Redeem Qmiles for flights and rewards via the Privilege Club account. Check official guidelines for accurate instructions.
The number of points (Qpoints) needed to achieve Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold status varies based on flight segments, cabin class, and distances flown. Generally, Gold status requires a significant accumulation of Qpoints through frequent travel. However, you need 270 to 540 Qpoints to get Qatar Gold.


Qatar Airways is a luxurious Airline that offers comfortable boarding, cabins, lounges, and additional baggage allowances to its Privilege Club members. It has extended its benefits to Amex credit card holders through the Amex membership rewards points program, allowing them to save more on flight bookings. So, if you’re an Amex credit card holder or planning to get one, be happy because you’ll get many benefits while travelling to Qatar Airways. Travel & save more with Qatar Airways & stay tuned with us for more fresh updates.

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