Barbeque Nation Offers: Enjoy Your Meals and Exciting Offers 

Food can always uplift anyone’s mood. The aroma of the food along with the amazing taste makes any occasion special and more cheerful. The joy of eating is even greater when you’re feasting with or around your loved ones. To enhance such food experiences, the search for food places or any other food delivery services comes to an end. Barbeque Nation has got you covered with its exquisite live grilling experience. Popular among food lovers for its delicious food and variety, Barbeque Nation is one of the popular restaurant chains in India and across the globe. Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for food lovers, BBQN offers a great dining experience for people. 


Discounts and deals at Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation

Deals at BBQN


Xpress Lunch

Starting at just Rs 399

Unlimited Breakfast Buffet

Starting at just Rs 499

Lunch and dinner buffet

Prices start from Rs 850

Barbeque Nation App 

One of your favourite dining restaurants has now emerged as a tech-inclined chain of restaurants offering its services through its app. The Barbeque Nation app is available for both Android and iOS users. People can now easily download the BBQN app and take advantage of the technology for so many food-related services. With the introduction of the app, BBQN has boosted its business by offering various useful features and options on its food app. Here are a few of the cool features and services available on the BBQN app:

  • Reserve a table: The app helps you to get many things done and reserving a table beforehand is one of them. On the BBQN app, you can now easily book the desired table for many people. This helps you avoid waiting at any of the outlets you’re booking. You can easily reach the given outlet across India and get your reserved table right when you arrive. Say goodbye to the long waiting hours, especially on weekends or festive days, and take advantage of this feature on the app. 
  • Pre-order your meals: This is another cool feature Barbeque Nation has introduced. This feature on the app allows you to easily pre-book your order for both dining in and delivery. Wondering how this trick can benefit you? You can maximise your time at the restaurant by already making a selection of your buffet. Some Barbeque Nation outlets will allow you to pre-order your buffet selection through the app. This way, you can avoid those long buffet lines and head straight to the sizzling food at your table.
  • Earn and redeem with Smile: The BBQN app has a loyalty program that helps you earn and redeem rewards. You can win these rewards for your love of Barbeque Nation. With every visit and every order, you earn points that can be redeemed afterward for future meals or exciting rewards. Known as the ‘Smile Club’ loyalty program, Barbeque Nation Offers this amazing program for its customers. 
  • Check what you eat: The conscious ones who try to be mindful of what they eat are going to love this feature. The Barbeque Nation app has a section that tells you every nutrient value a dish has. This does not only imply a few dishes but every dish on the menu. Customers can now check the nutritional values like protein, fat, sugar, and so on for every serving. 
  • Everyday menu and specials: Before ordering or visiting any of the outlets, You can now check what offers and special menu details are available at the restaurants. 

How to download the ‘Barbeque Nation App’: 

You can easily download the Barbeque Nation app on your Android or iOS mobile by following a few steps. Search for “Barbeque Nation” in your Play Store /Apple Store and tap on the install button. 

The dining experience at BBQN

Be it a birthday celebration or a get-together with your long-lost college friends, for any special occasion, Barbeque Nation stands out as the best option for any event and every kind of party. We all look for food places or restaurants that serve the best food and an ambience that makes any special occasion even more memorable. For this, Barbeque Nation is one of the top choices for people all over India and also at some international destinations. Be it food quality, budget, ambience, or staff behaviour – everything they serve turns out to be the best. Barbeque Nation is a great place to host all kinds of celebrations. Be it your office parties, team lunches, or a friendly lunch with your best buddies, this place will never disappoint you. Barbeque Nation offers are also available for the customers to avail discounts. So if you’re a fan of north Indian food and delicacies, get ready for a delicious treat. 

Barbeque Nation is more than just a regular Indian restaurant. It is a place that allows you to have a gourmet food experience along with the adventure that ignites all your senses. Your meals here will be unforgettable. Here’s what Barbeque Nation offers: 

The Sizzle of Live Grilling: 

Forget the regular restaurants serving pre-cooked meals. Here at Barbeque Nation, you will get to experience the fun of cooking it yourself. The tables at BBQN are equipped with grill pans and tools that allow you to enjoy the original adventure of barbeque-ing. Many of us have heard how fun it is and BBQN has brought it to India in style. Marinated food like vegetables, meat, seafood, and other vegetarian options are put forward in skewers and customers can enjoy the sizzling experience of grilling them according to their choice while savouring them. 

A treat for the eyes: 

Barbeque Nation is also a visual treat. The vibrant decor with warm tones and traditional Indian motifs in the restaurant outlets create a lively and welcoming atmosphere. The marinated meats and vegetables on the serving platters are a feast for the eyes with their alluring colours even before they hit the grill.  And you cannot miss out on the buffet counters that feature many other accompanies that will make your taste buds crave the flavour.

Flavourful meals: 

The star of the show at Barbeque Nation is the taste. The marinations of the spices used on the meats and vegetables are the perfect blend of authentic rich Indian flavours, that have been made following recipes from various regions of India. Whether you like the taste of fiery tandoori spices or the subtle flavour of creamy dishes, there are many options you can choose from the main course other than the appetisers. Other than snacks and the main course, there are plenty of complimentary sides like fluffy naans, tangy chutneys, and a variety of raitas that make the perfect combination with the smoky grilled flavors. Barbeque Nation also offers a great selection of paneer dishes, marinated vegetables, and delectable curries for vegetarians, making sure a flavor experience for everyone.

Authentic Aroma: 

The aroma at Barbeque Nation is a blend of spices, grilled meats, and fresh vegetables. As you enter the restaurant, all these aromas tempt your appetite while you get ready to taste the great taste at BBQN. The sizzle of food on the grill and the strong smell of aromatic spices make the experience at the restaurant even better. As one of its kind, BBQN has set a trademark for its taste, aroma, and experience. 

Traditional Blend: 

Barbeque Nation has a perfect balance between modern dining and a touch of Indian tradition. The experience of grilling your food at the table creates the joy of having a different dining experience with your loved ones. It also develops a sense of togetherness during family gatherings where people come together to eat. The classy decor and the authentic plating style add more to the already charming setting. 

Offers at BBQN:

Every now and then, Barbeque Nation offers live and allow people to enjoy the already affordable buffets at even discounted prices. These offers and BBQN are updated regularly to cater to the benefit of the customers. Here are some of the types of offers that are available at the restaurants or for takeaways. 

Offers Details 
Happiness Gift Card Starting at Rs 1000 only 
Unlimited Non- Alcoholic BeveragesGet mocktails at only Rs 249
Gang of grills | Group discounts Get discounts Up to Rs 3500 
Student discounts Unlimited buffet at Rs 649
Unlimited buffet on all days  Starting at Rs 850

Happiness Gift Cards:

Food is all about spreading joy and happiness with loved ones. Barbeque Nation is a place where you can experience warm hospitality and tasty food all in one place. Now, you can even share his happiness with your special friends and family through food, as Barbeque Nation offers the recently launched ‘Happiness Gift Cards’. These gift cards can simply be sent and used by people for a great dining experience at any Barbeque Nation outlet across the nation. This is a great way of showing love, appreciation, and care to your special ones. Give the gift of happiness today with the Barbeque Nation Happiness Gift Card and make every moment extra special. 

Coupons and discounts: 

Barbeque Nation’s offers today have many coupons and codes that can be used by customers to avail of extra discounts on their orders. You can find Barbeque Nation offers today on the website or on coupon websites like The Shopping Friendly. This is a great chance for food enthusiasts to grab such offers and coupons and make the most of them. These offers allow you to get significant discounts on buffet prices and other dining experiences. 

Group Discounts:

Do you have a large group of friends who are food lovers just like you? Gather them around and head to your nearest Barbeque Nation outlet to enjoy significant discounts on dining. Barbeque Nation offers huge discounts on buffets for large groups. Coupon codes are available on the BBQN website that can be used by people to reserve the spot and get great deals on group dining. 

Student Discounts: 

Hardworking students are in luck. You can now enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner at BBQN by just showing your student ID cards. BBQN has these special offers live only for the students that allow them to gobble a great buffet at an unbeatable price. Before visiting the outlet, it is advisable to confirm if the nearest outlet is running the student discount or not. 

Buffet Prices at Barbeque Nation

  • Lunch (Veg): 12 noon – 4 pm

Monday – Tuesday: Approx: Rs 850

Wednesday – Friday: Approx: Rs 950

Saturday – Sunday: Approx: Rs 1050

  • Lunch (Non-Veg): 12 noon – 4 pm

Monday – Tuesday: Approx: Rs 900

Wednesday – Friday: Approx: Rs 1000

Saturday – Sunday: Approx: Rs 1100

  • Dinner (Veg): 6 pm – 11 pm

Monday – Tuesday: Approx: Rs 850

Wednesday – Friday: Approx: Rs 950

Saturday – Sunday: Approx: Rs 1050

  • Dinner (Non-Veg): 6 pm – 11 pm

Monday – Tuesday: Approx: Rs 900

Wednesday – Friday: Approx: Rs 1000

Saturday – Sunday: Approx: Rs 1100

  • Kids Lunch (Veg/Non-Veg): 12 noon – 3:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday: approx: Rs 500

  • Kids Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg): 6 pm – 11 pm

Saturday – Sunday: approx: Rs 500


You can get the ‘Happiness Gift card’ for BBQN for your loved ones at a minimum price of Rs 1000. 
There are a number of offers currently available at BBQN. You can check the latest and updated offers on the website or other coupon websites. 
To get the student discount at any of the Barbeque Nation outlets, all you need to do is show your student ID at the restaurant and get the discount available. 
Yes absolutely! For large gatherings like celebrations or meetups, BBQN is a great place for dining as they have a big selection of menu and space. You can also avail discounts for large gatherings on the buffet. 
If you’re planning to dine on weekends, it is advisable to make prior reservations as they will help you to get your table the moment you reach the outlet. Prior reservations can be easily made on the BBQN website or by calling the outlet. 


With so many deals and discounts, Barbeque Nation offers a great range of dining options for its customers, and that too at unbelievable prices. If you want to enjoy the experience of live grilling along with your family or friends, this is your chance to dine at Barbeque Nation as it offers the best meals along with warm hospitality by the staff. The unlimited buffet system allows you to enjoy the sizzling sound of barbeque with authentic North Indian flavours at your nearest outlet. So if you’re looking for a great place to celebrate a special occasion, Barbeque Nation is the place for you. 

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