Best Cycle Brands in India For A Great Riding Experience  

Welcome to the world of bicycles, where each ride is a journey filled with health, joy, and eco-friendly exploration! In India, where cycling is more than just a mode of transportation, choosing the perfect cycle can be a big decision. Whether you’re roaming around the busy city streets or some of those steep terrains, the type of cycle you choose matters. Our listicle is here to guide you through the best cycle brands in India. Ensuring that, whether you’re a fitness lover, a person who’s always on the move, or someone who simply wants to add physical activity to your routine for either fun or fitness, you’ll find the perfect ride for your pedal-powered passions. Come along with us on a two-wheeled road that promises excitement, exploration, and the joy of riding!


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How to Choose the Best Cycle Brands in India?

To make sure your cycling experience fits your needs and interests, choosing the proper cycle brand requires taking into account a number of things. Whether you are planning to buy a cycle for your kid or yourself, for the sake of having fun, or adding cycling as a physical activity to your hectic regime, pick the one that fills the gaps of your requirement. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of factors you can consider before buying the right cycle. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Purpose: Think about your cycling objectives and make the decision wisely. Various cycle manufacturers specialise in different kinds of bikes, therefore it’s important to match your requirements.
  • Budget: Analyze your budget range, as it affects the choice of the available options. Different cycle brands cater to different price segments with different features and specifications.
  • Type of Bike: Decide the type of bike that suits your needs.  Speed cycles, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, or electric bikes are some of the many options available. So pick a brand that manufactures the bike you’re interested in.
  • Brand Reviews: Get to know about the reputation of the brand through its customer reviews be it good or bad. This helps to analyze the real life experiences of people with the cycles.
  • Quality Check: Check the quality and materials used in the product to identify a bike’s overall performance and longevity.
  • Warranty: It is crucial to check the warranty that is being offered by the brand or manufacturer along with the quality to address any issues post-purchase if any.
  • Technology: If buying a smart bike, consider the brands that embrace the latest technology and innovation in their bikes.
  • Comfort: The right fit is essential for comfort and optimal performance. You can choose customization options too according to your needs. After all, riding a bicycle should be a fun activity rather than an uncomfortable task. 

Here are the 12 Best Cycle Brands in India

There are many reputed brands in India dealing in the cycle industry but some of them have gained appreciation from their customers leading them to make it to the list of best cycle brands in India. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the list. 

Hero Cycles 

best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Hero Cycle, a well-known brand among Indian cycle manufacturers, is based in Ludhiana, Punjab, and holds a 48% market share overall. The company started off making tiny cycle parts, then in 1956 it established a cycle manufacturing facility in Ludhiana. Hero Cycle is a well-known bicycle brand in India and the world’s top cycle manufacturer, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Without any doubt, Atlas has long been known as one of the best cycle brands in India for adults. 

Avon Cycles 

best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Avon Cycles Limited was established in 1951 and is a member of the Avon group. Around the country, Avon uses 12,000 sub-distributors and 2000 authorized dealers to distribute its goods. The manufacturing facility for bicycles is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab. The company is well-known for offering a large selection of road, MTB, kids’, and hybrid cycles at various pricing points. This brand has also been in the cycle industry for quite a long time. You can get great deals on Avon cycles with Amazon New Year offer

Atlas Cycles

best gear cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

In 1951, Atlas, an esteemed and well-known cycling manufacturer, began producing bicycles. With an annual production capacity of over 40 lac bicycles, the company’s main product offerings include roadsters, fancy bicycles, ladies’ bicycles, and kids’ cycles.

 Atlas provides robust and long-lasting hybrid road cycles that are perfect for Indian roads. Among the most reliable cycle brands from the past is this one. 

Leader Cycles

best gear cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Over two decades ago, Leader, a brand with premium bicycle parts, was established. Jindals, the great founders of the company, started off simply in 1977 as producers of small bicycle components. However, they quickly expanded into a wide spectrum of bicycle parts manufacturing. At affordable prices, Leader provides a range of different bicycles. In general, it provides a dependable and attractive choice within different price ranges for both the cycle and the packaging. 

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More Cycles By Top Brands

Urban Terrain

best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly 

Urban Terrain specializes in crafting bicycles tailored for city living. These bikes are designed with a focus on urban commuting, combining style and functionality. With features that prioritize comfort and efficiency, Urban Terrain cycles are well-suited for individuals navigating city streets, making them an excellent choice for daily rides. Urban Terrain is also known as one of the best gear cycle brands in India. So if you are looking for some adventure, this is what you should go for. 


best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Lifelong cycles are known for their affordability and reliability. Catering to a budget-conscious audience, Lifelong offers a range of bicycles without compromising on quality. These bikes are ideal for beginners and individuals looking for cost-effective yet dependable options for their cycling needs. 

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best gear cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

 Firefox is synonymous with innovation and high performance. The brand is recognized for incorporating cutting-edge technology into its bicycles, making them suitable for both trail enthusiasts and urban riders. With a reputation for precision engineering, Firefox bikes offer a dynamic and advanced riding experience.


best cycle brands in India for adults - The Shopping Friendly

Cardiac cycles are designed with a specific focus on fitness and cardiovascular workouts. These bikes are tailored to meet the needs of health-conscious individuals who seek specialized equipment for their fitness routines. Cardiac cycles provide an ideal platform for those aiming to combine cycling with cardiovascular exercises.

Other Cycle Brands Available in India

Ninety One 

best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Ninety One is a brand that merges style with substance, offering a diverse range of bicycles with contemporary and trendy designs. These bikes are crafted to appeal to the fashion-forward cyclist who values aesthetics alongside functionality. Ninety One cycles are a statement for riders who want to stand out on the road.


best cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Atlas, a long-established player in the cycling industry, is renowned for producing sturdy and dependable bicycles. With a wide variety of models catering to different age groups and preferences, Atlas remains a reliable choice for families and individuals seeking bicycles that withstand the test of time and varied usage.

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best gear cycle brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Crow cycles prioritize simplicity and functionality, providing straightforward bikes for everyday use. These bikes are designed for practicality, offering reliable transportation without unnecessary frills. Crow cycles are suitable for riders who value simplicity and seek a hassle-free cycling experience.


best cycle brands in India for adults - The Shopping Friendly

Montra, a brand under the TI Cycles umbrella, focuses on precision engineering and sleek designs. Geared towards performance-oriented riders, Montra offers road and hybrid bikes that emphasize aerodynamics and incorporate advanced components. Montra cycles are an excellent choice for riders who demand speed, agility, and a modern aesthetic.


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 As we wrap up our exploration of the top 12 cycle brands in India, it’s evident that the world of cycling has never been more diverse and accessible. From the timeless reliability of Hero Cycles to the cutting-edge innovation embodied by Firefox, and the budget-friendly offerings of Lifelong, each brand brings its unique flavor to the cycling landscape. Whether you’re navigating city streets, conquering challenging terrains, or pursuing a fitness journey, these brands offer a range of options to suit your riding style. So, saddle up, pick the brand that aligns with your cycling aspirations, and embark on countless joyous rides across the vibrant cycling terrain of India. Happy pedalling!

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