Here are the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2024

Mothers are the most important and special creation of the almighty. No matter if they scold you or pretend to be mad at you, the love they have for their children knows no bounds. They will leave no stone unturned to protect and love their children in every situation. And when it comes to making them feel happy, even the simplest thing or a little gesture can make them feel on top of the world. As Mother’s Day is approaching, make your mom feel loved and a little extra special on this special day. And while you can go as big as you want, there are so many options for gifts you can present to her. To help you with this, here we have a curated list of all the sweet and unique gifts for Mother’s Day that you can get at amazing prices with multiple ongoing sales on various brands. Let’s celebrate this special day for our Wonder Woman by gifting her something she would like. 


Deals and Discounts for Mother’s Day Gifts





Flat 30% Off On Selected Collections


Up To 45% Off on mobiles and accessories


Up to 50% Off on makeup essentials

Fashion and Beauty Gifts for Mothers 

Comfy Kimonos: 

A breezy and comfortable kimono adds a great style statement to any outfit. Perfect for resting at home or throwing on over jeans for any sort of quick plans for an outing.

Luxury scarf: 

A luxuriously soft scarf is a great gift for moms. Choose a classic print or a vibrant pop of color to match Mom’s personality and trust us, she will love it. 


A pair of oversized or trendy sunglasses can instantly elevate any outfit. Pick a style that complements Mom’s face shape. You can also go for a style that you know would become her favourite. 

Tote Bag: 

We all know that moms carry their whole house in their bags. In that case, what could be better than a spacious and stylish tote bag which is a must-have for any busy mom? It is surely one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Look for one with multiple compartments for easy organization and also a colour you guess she will like. 

Wrist bag: 

A classy wristlet with sufficient space is a lifesaver for moms on the go. It keeps her phone close at hand and topped up without having to worry about carrying a big bag and just the essentials. 

Birthstone Necklace: 

When fashion meets thoughtfulness, that’s when a gift is special. A necklace featuring her birthstone is a personalized and meaningful gift. It’s a subtle way to show you care about the details. 

Necklace set: 

Layered necklaces are a trendy way to add instant style. And it is time to introduce our mom to the latest jewellery trend. Look for a delicate set with mixed metals or charms that reflect Mom’s interests.


Bracelets can really add more detailing to the already gorgeous look. Choose a set with positive quotes or special gems or stones. You can also go for an engraved bracelet with a special message or date and it will be one of the most sentimental gifts she’ll treasure. 


Earrings can never go out of style. You can pick a pair of chunky, colourful, or pearl earrings that are a classic and elegant choice. There is a whole lot of variety to suit Mom’s taste. You can give her something you noticed she liked to wear or something entirely different that would suit her.  

Gift Coupon: 

If you’re not sure of your mom’s choice in terms of style, a gift coupon is the best way to let her pick her favorite clothing or accessories from a store. Not only she will get something she really wants but will also love you for giving preference to her choices. 

Personalized Phone Case: 

A phone case with a picture of the family or a special message is a practical and sentimental gift. Even a childhood picture with her will make her feel special. This will make the best Mother’s Day gift idea.

Matching Outfit for You and Mom: 

Show your love with a matching outfit for the two of you. While girls can pick a matching dress, guys, you can go and get a matching t-shirt for you and your mom. This could also be a fun set of pyjamas, t-shirts, or workout gear.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a gift that shows you put thought and effort into it. With these best Mother’s Day gift ideas, you will surely find the best gifts for moms that will make your Mama feel special. 

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Other Thoughtful Gifts for Moms 

Personalized Cookbook: 

Create a one-of-a-kind cookbook filled with your Mom’s favorite recipes, handwritten notes, and family photos. This is undoubtedly one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas one can think of. Many online platforms offer this special service allowing customization. You can also explore other options on Amazon. 

Star Map of Her Birthday: 

Your mom is a star in everything she does. And it’s time to gift her the stars she deserves. Gift her a personalized star map depicting the night sky on the day she was born.  A beautiful and sentimental reminder of her cosmic importance. This is among the unique Mother’s Day gift ideas and thoughtful gifts she will ever get. 

Framed Photo Collage:  

Collect most of the happy family photos and create a unique framed collage.  It’s a heartwarming gift that can also be used to decorate her home. This will surely bring a big smile on her face. The services are available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Plan a Spa Day at Home: 

Pamper your mama with a luxurious spa day at home. Plan a warm bath, light some candles, and provide relaxing music and essential oils for a truly pampering experience. 

Plan a Family Movie Night: 

Pick your Mom’s favorite movie, bring the popcorn, and get ready for a cozy family movie night. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to spend quality time together. You can now book tickets at PVR cinemas at discounted rates by finding a suitable coupon on The Shopping Friendly website. 

Handmade gifts: 

Your mom would love to receive something that you will make with all the love and creativity. Search or think of ideas online and make something little that will surprise her. 

Handwritten Letter: 

Write a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation for all that your Mom does.  Frame it for a permanent reminder of your love and she will always cherish it (a simple frame can be found on Amazon or Flipkart).

Customized personal portrait: 

You can add a special personalised touch to the gift for your mm this Mother’s Day by getting a portrait made for her. And no, you don’t really need to go to a sketching artist for this.

Mother’s Day Best Gifts for Mom with Sale and Offers

Brands Discount Offers Products available  
Ferns and Petals (FNP)15% Off | Use Code “MOM15FO” Flowers, mugs, Chocolates, Accessories, and more
PVR Cinemas Flat 20% off on ticket prices Book tickets using code “VGATPVRINOX”
Nykaa Up To 40% Off Get high-end skincare, haircare, beauty, makeup, and much more
Kama Ayurveda Get flat 10% Off on the first orderWellness, haircare, skincare, and much more 
Aqualogica Buy any 2 products at Rs 699Cleansers, masks, sunscreen, serums, moisturisers, etc

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There is an excessive range of brands that offer huge discounts on and around Mother’s Day to help you pamper the most special woman of your life. You can get high-quality products and a range of them at discounted prices. From kurta sets made of soft fabric to skincare products that help with ageing skin, the options to pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift are endless. 


Generally, Mother’s Day sales and offers start a day or two before the occasion. However, the exact sale dates on various shopping platforms can vary. 
Personalised jewellery pieces and handbags are the most-selling items during Mother’s Day sale. The best part is that shopping platforms and other brand sites offer great discounts on them. 
While different platforms and brand sites have different offers, you can expect a sale of up to 80% discount on various products. 
You can easily find deals and discounts on shopping platforms like Amazon, Ajio, Flipkart, Myntra, and various brand websites. To find discount coupons for additional savings, you can check coupon websites like The Shopping Friendly. 
Product categories like clothing, jewellery, beauty, skincare, and many other products go live on sale during Mother’s Day sales. You can either get your hands on such deals with shopping platforms or shop directly from the brand site. 


With so many options and deals, this is a great time to get a special gift for your super mom. No matter your mom’s style or interests, there are a lot of best other’s Day gift ideas out there waiting to be discovered. From cozy kimonos to tech-savvy wristlets and personalized jewelry to subscription box delights, this list offers a variety of options to show your love and appreciation. Remember, the best gifts come from the heart. Consider adding a handwritten card expressing your love and gratitude, or pair your chosen gift with a homemade breakfast or a relaxing spa day at home. Many retailers offer special promotions and sales leading up to Mother’s Day to make the deal even more special.  Keep an eye out for discounts, coupons, and free shipping deals on your favorite shopping platforms and brands.  With a little planning and these inspiring ideas, you can find the perfect gift to make Mom’s day truly unforgettable. 

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