Lenovo End Of Financial Year Sale 2023 – Grab Great Deals on Laptops & Accessories

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As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the fantastic deals and discounts from Lenovo. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office setup or need to refresh your company’s technology, Lenovo’s end-of-financial-year sale has you covered. The sale is Live Now and it offers  everything you need to stay productive and efficient at prices that won’t break the bank.

Lenovo offers up to 50% discount on PCscashback up to Rs. 5000, and no-cost EMI for up to 6 months for the EOFY sale 2023. Read on to learn more about the great deals and offers available during Lenovo’s EOFY sale.

Top Deals By Lenovo

Whether you want to get more productive, get your assignments done, or want to play exciting games, Lenovo got you covered with its EOFY sale. It’s offering great deals on ThinkPad, student laptops, and gaming laptops. In addition to amazing deals on laptops, Lenovo is also offering great discounts on tablets and servers, so, if you wish to buy a new gadget or upgrade the old system, you can do it all with Lenovo’s EOFY sale 2023.

ThinkPad Deals

ThinkPads have made a place for themselves in the corporate sector. If you’re looking to get laptops to increase your productivity or your company’s efficiency, ThinkPads could be one of your choices. In the EOFY sale, Lenovo is offering up to 47% off on its ThinkPad laptop & many other discounts, check below for more details.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
ThinkPad P15vRs. 240, 627Rs. 179, 990 (25% off)
ThinkPad E14Rs. 166, 000Rs. 106, 990 (35% off)
ThinkPad L14Rs. 150, 498Rs. 91, 990 (38% off)
ThinkPad L13Rs. 152, 100Rs. 82, 990 (45% off)
ThinkBook 14Rs. 102, 168Rs. 53, 990 (47% off)

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Student Laptop Deals

As students, you’re asked to do a lot of tasks like assignments, presentations, or projects in colleges, and after the pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to study without a laptop. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality affordable laptop for your college, you should check out Lenovo’s student laptop deals in the EOFY sale.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
IdeaPad Slim 3i ChromebookRs. 34, 890Rs. 24, 240 (30% off)
IdeaPad Flex 5iRs. 85, 290Rs. 62, 690 (26% off)
IdeaPad Slim 3i 11th GenRs. 62, 890Rs. 38, 990 (38% off)
IdeaPad Slim 3i 12th GenRs. 64, 290Rs. 46, 990 (26% off)
IdeaPad Slim 1 Gen 7Rs. 54, 490Rs. 38, 640 (29% off)

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Gaming Deals

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’d know how important it is to have a laptop or PC with good battery life, display, and design for long gaming hours. Usually, such laptops are expensive but Lenovo allows you to save on great gaming laptops in its EOFY sale. Check out live deals on Lenovo’s gaming laptops.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
IdeaPad Gaming 3iRs. 109, 090Rs. 86, 090 (21% off)
IdeaPad Gaming 3Rs. 83, 890Rs. 56, 090 (33% off)
IdeaPad Gaming 3 Gen 6Rs. 116, 090Rs. 82, 990 (28% off)
Legion 5i 10th GenRs. 103, 490Rs. 81, 890 (20% off)

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Tablet Deals

Apart from laptops, Lenovo is also offering deals on tablets and servers. If you were planning to buy a tablet or were looking for an upgradation, do check the latest deals on Lenovo giving a maximum of 54% off on its tablets.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
Tab M10 FHD PlusRs. 35,000Rs. 15,999 (54% off)
Tab K10Rs. 25,000Rs. 15,999 (36% off)
Tab M8 HDRs. 18,000Rs. 11,999 (33% off)
Tab P11 PlusRs. 39,000Rs. 24,999 (35% off)
Tab M10 PlusRs. 34,000Rs. 19,999 (41% off)

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Server Deals

If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your laptop or PC, getting a new server is highly recommended. Servers can be expensive but you have a chance to grab a great deal on servers in Lenovo’s EOFY sale. Check out the latest offer on Lenovo servers.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
SR – 250 ThinksystemRs. 190,800Rs. 83,990 (56% off)
SR550 – Thinksystem 4208 8CRs. 564,000Rs. 197,990 (65% off)
SR550 – Thinksystem 3204 6CRs. 501,600Rs. 161,900 (68% off)
Thinksystem SR550 4210Rs. 591,600Rs. 194,990 (67% off)

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Monitor Deals

If you’re looking to upgrade your monitor or want to buy a new one, check out the latest deals on Lenovo EOFY sale. The company is offering up to 45% off and up to Rs. 3000 cashback on all its monitors. You can get an efficient monitor without breaking the bank.

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
Lenovo G27q – 30Rs. 29,290Rs. 25,499 (12% off)
Lenovo L27m – 30Rs. 26,190Rs. 20,299 (22% off)
Lenovo D32q – 20Rs. 29,290Rs. 25,599 (12% off)
ThinkVision M14Rs. 25,200Rs. 22,500 (10% off)

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In addition to all the top deals, Lenovo is also offering great deals on desktops, CPUs, and other accessories. You can check out all the latest deals on Lenovo’s official website & get a new gadget at a good price.