ManoMano UK Sale: Save More On Decor Essentials With ManoMano

Furniture forms an integral part of your home or office decor, so it becomes essential to choose the right furniture that matches your space’s style & colour. ManoMano is a leading home furnishing company in the UK that offers great furniture options, materials, and DIY kits to upgrade your interior.

The company also offers great discounts & deals on its furniture & home decor options. So, if you plan to upgrade your furniture or decor, check out ManoMano furniture and other essentials to get a good deal on your purchases. Read on to learn more about ManoMano benefits & saving tips.


Latest ManoMano UK Sale Deals, Offers, & More




ManoMano Pro

£25 off on your first order

ManoMano Bargains

Free delivery on various products

Homecoming Deals

Starting from £14.99

Why Should You Choose ManoMano?

With so many home furnishing options online, why should you go with ManoMano? Well, here are some reasons to tell you why ManoMano will be the perfect choice.

  • Competitive Pricing: Due to the large number of sellers on the platform, there can be competitive pricing, leading to potential cost savings for customers.
  • Convenience: Shopping online is often more convenient than going to physical stores, especially for those who may not have easy access to brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: They may offer eco-friendly or sustainable product options that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.
  • Special Offers and Discounts: ManoMano has special promotions, discounts, or seasonal sales, such as ManoMano UK sale that can result in savings for shoppers.
  • Information and Advice: ManoMano often provides resources and advice on their website to help customers make informed purchase decisions. This can be particularly useful for those undertaking DIY projects.

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ManoMano UK Sale On Furniture

Manomano lists many furniture options, including garden & outdoor, gazebos and pergolas, and more. Here are some furniture options from Manomano that you must check out for elegant decor.

Garden & Outdoor Furniture

manomano UK sale - The Shopping Friendly

This category includes many options for garden furniture to decorate your garden & outdoor area with pools, benches, tables, and more. Check out some deals from ManoMano.

Top Deals On Garden Furniture

  • Outdoor Furniture: From £10.22
  • Gazebos & Pergolas: From £11.99
  • Parasols: From £12
  • Garden Benches, Stools, & Bars: From £8.99
  • Sun Loungers & Sunbeds: From £29.99
  • Garden cushions and pouffes: From £9.9

Home & Living

 manomano discount code on Furniture - The Shopping Friendly

ManoMano’s Home & Living category offers diverse selections for DIY, furniture, decor, appliances, and essentials, catering to varied lifestyles. Here are some top deals from ManoMano on Home and living.

Top Deals On Home & Living

  • Dining room furniture: From £55
  • Living room sets: From £136
  • Bedroom furniture: From £86
  • Office furniture: From £35.99
  • Decor: From £18.99


ManoMano sale on lighting - The Shopping Friendly

This category includes various lighting & decorative options to enhance your home with beautiful lights & lamps. 

Top Deals On Lighting

  • Indoor lighting: From £4.99
  • Outdoor lighting: From £9.99
  • Light bulbs: From £3.35
  • Portable lighting: From £25


ManoMano uk sale - The Shopping Friendly

ManoMano’s Kitchen includes various products, from cookware and appliances to fixtures and storage solutions, catering to diverse culinary needs and preferences. Check out some top deals on ManoMano kitchen essentials.

Top Deals On Kitchen Essentials

  • Kitchen cabinet: From £24.99
  • Kitchen sinks & taps: From £7.76
  • Kitchen accessories: From £6.99
  • Kitchen surfaces: From £19.99

ManoMano Pro

ManoMano Pro is a dedicated platform designed for professional tradespeople and contractors in the construction, renovation, and related industries. It provides a comprehensive range of high-quality tools, materials, and supplies necessary for various projects. ManoMano Pro offers specialised products such as power tools, building materials, safety equipment, and more, focusing on efficiency and reliability. 

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Features Of Manomano Pro

  • Specialised Product Range: ManoMano Pro provides a curated selection of tools, materials, and supplies that are relevant and essential for professionals in construction and renovation.
  • Bulk Ordering: Professionals can order items in bulk, which can be especially useful for larger projects.
  • Competitive Pricing: The platform offers competitive pricing and deals for professionals, potentially leading to cost savings on essential supplies.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Professionals can access exclusive promotions, discounts, or deals tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Personalised Support: ManoMano Pro provides dedicated customer support for professionals, potentially assisting with product recommendations, order tracking, and other inquiries.

If you’re a professional, you can access all these features and £25 off on your first order once you sign up for ManoMano Pro. So, what’s the wait for? Sign up to enjoy benefits as a ManoMano Pro member.

Saving Tips On ManoMano UK Sale

Here are some tips to upgrade your interior on a budget during the ManoMano UK Sale. Check out these effective tips to save on ManoMano furniture.

  1. Sign Up for Newsletters: Subscribe to ManoMano’s newsletters. They often send their subscribers exclusive promotions, discounts, and special offers.
  2. Check for Seasonal Sales: Watch for seasonal sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or end-of-season clearances. These times often feature significant discounts.
  3. Compare Prices: Before purchasing, compare prices across different sellers on the platform. Sometimes, different sellers may offer the same product at varying prices.
  4. Utilise Manomano Discount Codes: Look for and use any available ManoMano discount codes or promotional vouchers. These can sometimes be found on coupon websites like The Shopping Friendly or through special promotions.
  5. Track Daily Deals: Keep an eye on ManoMano’s website for daily deals and flash sales. These can offer significant discounts on specific products for a limited time.

How To Find & Apply ManoMano Promo Codes?

To find ManoMano discount codes, visit their official website and check for any ongoing promotions or offers. Subscribe to their newsletters for exclusive codes sent to subscribers. Explore reputable coupon websites like The Shopping Friendly that aggregate and list available codes. 

Additionally, follow ManoMano on social media platforms, where they occasionally share special codes or promotions. Watch for seasonal sales and events, as they often feature discounted prices.

Steps To Apply ManoMano Coupon Code

  1. Browse the website, select your desired items, and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Click the cart icon or go to the shopping cart page to review your selected items.
  3. Look for a designated field labelled “Coupon Code” or “Promo Code” on the shopping cart page.
  4. Type or paste the coupon code into the provided field.
  5. Click the “Apply” or “Submit” button next to the coupon code box. The discount should now be reflected in your order total.
  6. Ensure that the discount has been applied correctly before proceeding.
  7. If satisfied, click the “Proceed to Checkout” or similar button to complete your order.


ManoMano is an online marketplace specialising in DIY, home improvement, and gardening products. It offers various tools, materials, and supplies for various projects. The platform connects buyers with sellers, providing a convenient and diverse shopping experience for individuals looking to enhance their living spaces.
You can get £25 off on your first order with a ManoMano pro account. Sign up for ManoMano Pro to get benefits on your purchases.
Unfortunately, ManoMano does not have a discount for students. However, it periodically releases sales or promo codes to help users save more on their platform.
Yes, ManoMano offers free delivery on selected items. You can check the free delivery items on their official website.
For customer service & other queries, you can contact ManoMano from here. Just click on your concern, and you’ll be redirected to the concerned person for further interaction.


ManoMano is a platform that connects furniture & home furnishing sellers from potential buyers. It lists furniture & decor essentials on its platform for the users to select & purchase their required furniture from the sellers. Whether you want to upgrade your home or office furniture or want the latest styles, ManoMano Furniture could offer the best options for you. Check out some great choices & deals on ManoMano.

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