Myntra Insider: Your Ticket To All Things Fashion Is Here! 

All the shopaholics out there, cheer up! As we’re moving forward with the year 2024, we are super excited to bring some of the amazing shopping hacks for our readers. Wondering what we have for you in the box this time? Let the excitement kick in because this time around, we’re here to tell you about something you might not have figured out. If you’re a frequent shopper with the online shopping brand Myntra, the game is in your hands. Are you done looking at the same old shopping options and wish to take your fashion sense a notch higher? Well, Myntra Insider is the place that will fulfill these needs of shopping lovers. Read on to learn more about the Myntra Insider program. 


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What is Myntra Insider? 

To explain it in the simplest way possible, Myntra Insider is like a VIP club for Myntra shoppers. It is a special loyalty program where you get access to some really beneficial perks and benefits, just for being a part of it. As an Insider, you can earn points while shopping, get early access to upcoming Myntra sales, enjoy special discounts, and even get invites to other exciting events. Myntra came up with this program in the year 2018 stating that it is their way of acknowledging and thanking their customers for shopping with the platform. As a part of Myntra Insider, you get a chance to unlock new and exciting offers and rewards and also get exclusive offers with the Myntra upcoming sale

How to become a Myntra insider? 

Although Myntra Insider is an Insider Loyalty program, there are no participation fees applicable for the same. The Myntra Insider loyalty program is open for all registered users on Myntra. The only thing one needs to do in order to join the program is to visit the Myntra Insider and start shopping. 

The only standard criteria for joining the Insider loyalty program is that the user should have shopped for an amount of Rs 4000 on Myntra. Also, the user should have made at least 2 orders in the last 12 months in order to be eligible for joining the Insider program. The level will keep on increasing as you shop more. 

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What are the benefits of joining Myntra Insider?

Myntra Insider - The Shopping Friendly

You will get a chance to enter the realm of offers, discounts, and other exciting advantages throughout the year when you become a part of Myntra Insider. Not only this the users can also earn Super Coins for shopping with Myntra and get exciting offers and rewards with the same. The Super Coins in the Myntra insider program can be collected by shopping on the website of the online portal and on the app. These coins can then be redeemed for a lot of offers, rewards, discounts, early access to upcoming sales, and much more. 

The users can also get access to benefits like free shipping, and free consultation with a personalised fashion stylist who will help you to enhance your fashion sense. The advantages are not limited to just this. With Myntra Insider, one also gets a chance to redeem the Super Coins with partner brands in travel, food, lifestyle, hospitality, and much more. All these benefits are included in the Myntra Insider program where you can shop as much as you want and all the shopping will pay you off in the form of a collection of these offers. 

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Different Levels or Tiers of Myntra Insider

The different tier statuses or levels of the program are to keep the users or customers engaged with the online shopping portal. 

Insider Select:

Insider Select is like the easy entry point to the Myntra Insider world. As a Select member, you’re in for a treat! You get early access to sales, which means you can get an insight into your favourite styles before everyone else. Plus, you earn points as you shop, making the way for even more fantastic rewards ahead. All you need to do to earn the status as a ‘Select’ insider is to shop for the amount of Rs 4000 on the Myntra app or website and shop at least 2 orders in the span of every 12 months. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the shopping wonderland, and who doesn’t love that? You also get free shipping on all your future orders if you join this program. So, go shop your heart out and be a part of the loyalty program right away. 


Take your status a level higher, and you’ll find yourself in the Elite tier of Myntra Insider. This is where things get even more exciting. However, to retain the ‘Elite’ status as a Myntra Insider, you have to shop for orders worth Rs 10,000 in the period of every 6 months. This ensures that the customers get engaged in the shopping experience and on the online shopping portal. As an Elite member, you not only enjoy all the perks of Select but also get priority customer support. That means if you ever have a question regarding your orders or need assistance, you’ll be treated like the VIP you are. And, of course, the points keep rolling in, bringing you closer to some seriously awesome rewards. Keep shopping your heart out while Myntra is helping you earn more super coins and rewards.


Now is the time to get to the top level of Myntra Insider – the Icon level. It’s like the red carpet of loyalty programs. To get the crown of ‘the Icon’ as a Myntra Insider, the customer has to shop for Rs 25,000 at least in the time of 6 months and at least 2 orders should be made as well to get the status. As an Icon member, you are the cream of the crop. Enjoy all the benefits of Select and Elite but with an added touch of glamour and extra special treatment. You get exclusive access to events and sales, making you the first in line for the hottest styles of the fashion world. And if that’s not enough, your points will also start to roll up faster than ever, unlocking a world of fabulous rewards. Being an Icon is like having a golden ticket to the ultimate Myntra experience. 

SuperCoins – Know How to Use them 

Till now, you must have understood that the more you shop on Myntra, the more you save. The real deal of the Myntra Insider is the concert of SuperCoins which actually decides your level of shopping madness. However, these SuperCoins can be earned at speed if you’re an insider. Once earned, these super coins can be used to claim great and exciting offers on dining, lifestyle, travel and more. Note that if you cancel an item from your order or put it out for a return, the SuperCoins worth the item will be cancelled.  

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Myntra Insider offers a tiered structure to cater to various levels of engagement. Select, Elite, and Icon, each of these levels comes with its own set of privileges, building up from early access to sales in Select to priority customer support in Elite, and exclusive event access and accelerated points earning in Icon.
Earning points is as simple as shopping on Myntra. Every purchase adds to your Insider points. These points can be redeemed for exciting rewards, discounts, and even exclusive event passes like lifestyle, travel, dining, and much more. The more you shop, the more you get, creating a cycle of delightful benefits.
Yes, absolutely. Myntra Insider is for all types of shoppers. Whether you’re a frequent fashion explorer or an occasional trend follower, the program welcomes everyone. Even infrequent purchases contribute to your points, ensuring that each shopping spree comes with its own set of rewarding experiences.
No, users cannot use Super Coins as a mode of payment for the next orders. These Super Coins are only eligible for redeeming and life offers like vouchers, and other such rewards. These are like the digital currency that Insiders can use to get such offers. 
Every Myntra Insider can earn Up to 10,000 Super Coins in a year at last. If any user has already collected the given number of Super Coins, then the insider will only be able to collect these coins after the earn counter reset of the status. The earn counter resets every year. 


Making people’s shopping experience better and more fun, Myntra has topped the list of most favourite shopping portals. Becoming a Myntra Insider is as easy as a few clicks, as you get a free pass into the box of free rewards and other such joys of shopping. From the moment you become a part of the program, earning points also becomes easy with each purchase through the various tiers—Select, Elite, and the Icon. The blog has brought ahead insider secrets, guiding you on how you can make your shopping experience better than before. Early access to sales, priority customer support, exclusive event invitations, and a personalised fashion stylist for every gala moment in your life – all these factors come together to create a composition of satisfaction for the Myntra Insider. This is your sign to join the Insider program and grab all the perks and advantages that the shopping site is offering. 

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