Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Like 

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to play ‘Secret Santa’. So, are you ready to dive into the happy world of gift-giving? It’s the time of year to spread joy, laugh together, and celebrate the spirit of giving! The ritual of trading surprise gifts is undeniably fun, whether you’re getting together with friends, family, or co-workers. However, one question remains the same. “What to get for your Secret Santa recipient?” We understand that shopping for someone you barely know at work or for someone you have no idea about, can be a tough task. Especially if you’re participating in multiple Secret Santa parties. But worry not, we got your back with some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas! (Consider these gift ideas as your Christmas gift from us.) 


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Secret Santa Gift Ideas under Rs 500 


Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

A stylish pair of sunglasses is a gift that one will use all year long, no matter what the season is. The receiver of this thoughtful and dapper gift is going to love this one. The best part? A variety of unisex options come to the rescue when you don’t know who might receive your gift. Browse Flipkart and Amazon and you’ll find tons of options to choose from.

Essential oil diffuser 

Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The shopping friendly

You can be the best Secret Santa with this one. An essential oil diffuser serves as both a decorative and therapeutic gift. Creating a calming atmosphere and enhancing the ambience through aromatic mist, this compact device is perfect for relaxation, and stress relief. You get budget-friendly options of essential oil diffusers on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Face mask gift set

Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

Not just women’s but men’s skin needs some pampering too. With discounts flooding on shopping sites like Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart, there’s no scarcity of this skincare product online. Suitable for different skin types with different variations, face masks are a great gift option for Secret Santa. 

A pair of socks 

Gift Ideas - The Shopping Friendly

Offer care and warmth with a pair of socks that look cool too. This is a safe option that will be used by anyone for a long time. From solid colours to funky patterns, the options are endless. This will also count as a thoughtful and caring gift for your giftee. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of Secret Santa gifts under 500 on various websites. 

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Mini Bluetooth speaker

Be it house parties, beach trips or shower sessions, music is what we need. Portable mini bluetooth speakers are a great Secret Santa gift idea. Your giftee can easily carry them, and enjoy their favourite melody at home to unwind and relax. Many branded options are available on Amazon with special discounts and offers. 

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Cosy Slippers 

Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

As Christmas is approaching, so are the freezing days of winter. A warm and cosy pair of slippers can be a great idea to offer someone warmth and comfort by being a Secret Santa. Who doesn’t want their feet to be kept warm and comfortable, after all? E-commerce websites like Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart have a plethora of variations in fur slippers that are perfect for cold winter days. 

Belt Bags 

Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

Belt bags are the perfect amalgamation of style, comfort and convenience in a compact size. Crossbody or around the waist, one can never go wrong with a belt bag when it comes to fashion choices. With Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa offering huge discounts, you can choose from the vast variety for your giftee. 

Minimal Jewellery 

Old days are gone when jewellery was considered only for women. Fashion is involved and minimal jewellery has become the choice for men too. From neck chains to bracelets and from rings to studs, the options are infinite. This is a unique gift that everyone will love. 

Tea/ Coffee Mug 

Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

Almost all of us need a sip of caffeine before starting our day. So why not sip it in style? A classy or funky coffee mug would definitely impress your Secret Santa recipient. You can certainly get a lot of variety to choose from on Amazon and Flipkart with pouring discounts. Who knows, you might find one for yourself, too! Also, you can save more with the help of a Coupon code website like The Shopping Friendly

Mini Indoor Plants 

Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

Being a Secret Santa, this can be your chance to add a touch of nature to someone’s workstation or home. A small potted indoor plant is a great choice as a gift because this is something everyone will like. You can get mini indoor plants on Flipkart and Amazon without special offers and prices. 

More Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Personalised journal 

Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

This can be a great gift for someone on their journey to new discoveries. A journal can be a safe space for someone to write their thoughts and goals. A diverse variety of designs and colours are available on Amazon and Flipkart. So go on and avail discounts on these shopping sites while you shop. 


Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

Now this can be the winner in this list when it comes to thoughtfulness. By gifting this, you can help someone organise their IDs and contact cards. This gift item will reflect your concern for your giftee and will also add a touch of classiness. Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa have endless options for cardholders. 

Week planners 

With busy schedules and loads of work, week planners can be a great gift for your work friends. This will help them sort their work plans and tasks for the upcoming weeks and trust us, they will thank you later. One note down their daily reminder, to-do lists and so much more. Choose from the best of the options available on Amazon and Flipkart. And, you can always get one for yourself! 

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Personalised Water Bottle

Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly 

A customised water bottle is a great option for a Secret Santa present! This will inspire the person receiving it to stay hydrated in style, with style. Personalise it with their name or a heartfelt note to remind them of you with each sip. It’s a creative and useful gift that they will adore. Check out Amazon and Flipkart for huge discounts. 


Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

Coasters are a great choice for a Secret Santa gift! These stylish and useful table coverings are available in a variety of eye-catching designs to suit the preferences of your recipient. Choose the ideal pattern to adorn the tabletops with a unique touch, showing your regard and making sure they stay trendy and healthy.

Some More Budget friendly Ideas

Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs are a delightful Secret Santa choice! Elevate their bath-time experience with these luxurious, fragrant spheres of relaxation. From soothing lavender to invigorating citrus, you can select a scent that suits their mood. It’s a small yet indulgent gift that’s sure to bring them a moment of bliss.

Wall Art 

Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

Choosing wall art is a great way to give a unique Secret Santa present! This will give their surroundings a dash of uniqueness and flair. Whether it’s a striking poster, an elegantly framed inspirational quote, or an eye-catching canvas artwork, this present makes their home or workplace feel more special.

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Secret Santa gifts under 500 - The Shopping Friendly

A fantastic option for a Secret Santa present are bookmarks! Give them a thoughtful and eye-catching gift that will increase their enjoyment of reading. Select stylish metal markers or adorable ones with phrases or artwork to preserve their pages in style and enhance their reading experience.


Secret Santa gifts - The Shopping Friendly

Another really nice Secret Santa gift! A wallet is a crucial part of everyone’s daily life and not just a money holder. Choose a wallet that complements their style, whether it’s something sleek and basic or vibrant and lively. It’s a sentimental and utilitarian gift that will last a lifetime. Amazon and Flipkart are great sites to shop from. 

Table lamps

Secret Santa gift ideas - The Shopping Friendly

One kind and useful gift idea is a rechargeable desk lamp. One can work more productively and read more comfortably in dimly lit locations thanks to this present, which is more than simply a light. It’s a stylish, useful addition to their workspace that keeps everyday chores organised and pleasurable—


For large workforces, personalised notebooks or keychains with the employee’s name or company’s logo can make a great choice for Secret Santa. 
In such cases, you should go for universal gifts such as scented candles, wall art, coasters, tea/coffee mugs and the list goes on. Still not sure? Pick some gourmet chocolates as they make the perfect universal gift. 
If you know the person, it becomes easy for you to choose the right Secret Santa gift. You can go for personalised options or their favourite things. 
Scented candles, water bottles, indoor plants, weekly planners, portable speakers, and journals are some of the gender-neutral options for gifting while playing Secret Santa. 
Avoid spending money on anything with a Christmas theme, such as Santa figurines or Christmas postcards, as they will only be kept for 11 months of the year and serve no purpose.


The tradition of exchanging gifts with a Secret Santa adds an extra festive element to the Christmas vibe. Finding the ideal present is enjoyable and fulfilling, especially with so many fresh options available. You can also go for some funny Secret Santa gifts. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Christmas and Secret Santa gift ideas in this blog. The choices are as varied as the individuals taking part in the game. We have also provided important insights into the ins and outs of Secret Santa. So, enjoy the magic of the celebration and allow your creativity to go high during the festive Secret Santa gift-giving tradition.

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