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Shoes are more than just a need for everyone. They’re a statement of your personality, a way to express your unique style and a companion that uplifts your fashion status. But exploring the vast world of women’s shoes can feel massive. From chunky white sneakers to lightweight athletic shoes, the options are endless. And this blog is your one-stop destination for all things about women’s footwear. We’re here to guide you through every step of finding the perfect shoe for yourself. Let’s get into this world of shoe styles, and level up the fashion game. Since we understand the importance of comfort, we’ll help you find the perfect balance between looking good and feeling comfortable, and that too, under a budget. Without wasting any more time, let us look at the options of shoes for women under 500. 


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Things to consider before buying shoes 

Pick the right size 

You should always be aware of your shoe size when it comes to online shopping. This helps you to sort the options that are available for your size along with the styles. Knowing your shoe size ensures a proper fit when buying online.

Comfort and fit

Your shoes should feel like a part of yourself, not a torture device. There should be some space for your toes, and your heel shouldn’t be slipping out with every step. Good arch support is a bonus, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Remember, always try before you buy, and walk around the store to get a feel for how they fit. 

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You can never go and pick anything. Keep a clear idea of what you want to get. You should invest in a pair of shoes that would look good with most of your looks and outfits. From canvas to slip-ons, there is a huge variety of styles available on shopping platforms. 

Choice of colours 

Next comes the color question.  Are you feeling bold and bright, or keeping it classic with neutrals like black, brown, or beige?  Think about how the color will work with your existing wardrobe. A bright red pump might be perfect for a statement look, but won’t go with everything.


Durability is another important factor. Leather shoes can last longer than canvas but require more care. Consider how often you’ll wear them and what activities you’ll be doing in them. For every day wear, you should go for something sturdy and easy to maintain. 

Care instructions

Do not miss out that taking good care of your shoes will extend their lifespan.  Check the label for cleaning instructions, and you can choose to invest in special cleaning products or waterproofing sprays if needed. Checking the care instructions ensures you’re buying shoes that fit your lifestyle and budget in the long run.

Here are shoes for women under 500

Kraasa Women Slip-On Sneaker 

These slip-on sneakers are going to be one of your best investments in terms of fashion and comfort. These shoes for women under 500 are easy to wear, easy to clean, comfortable, and classic. You can wear them with any type of outfit or look. The best part about them is you can wear them every day without worrying about them getting dirty because they can be cleaned with just a swipe of a cloth. 

Kook N Keech Women Printed Sneakers 

This pair of shoes by the brand Kook N Keech can be worn and styled in so many ways. You can either put them on while going out for a coffee date or style them for a vacation. These shoes are round-toe with a blue and white geometric print on them, making them look super cool for any occasion. You can even pair them up with a cute dress in matching colours. You can keep them clean by removing the dust with the help of a dry cloth. A great choice for shoes for women under 500.

Earth Step Women’s Running Shoes

Are you an athletic type of person? If yes, then this should definitely be in your sneaker collection. This is one of the best options in shoes for women under 500 because of the super comfort they provide to your feet. This pair of shoes is perfect for running, jogging, or any other physical activity. They also come with a breathable material which also makes them easy to wash. You can wear them in all seasons. For extra comfort, an Orthopedic Soft Cushion sole has been used in this pair of shoes. 

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Digitus Crucis Women’s casual shoes

These classic white shoes for women under 500 come with a hint of colour on them which makes them look premium and high-quality. You can wear these shoes while performing any physical activity, for parties, or for a casual day out. They look classy and are currently in trend for their looks. There are multiple ways you can style them with a pair of denims or joggers. The material used in these shoes for women is flexible and comfortable. The lightweight and breathable nature of these shoes also makes them suitable for summer.

Robbie Jones Canvas Shoes for Women

Canvas shoes are not getting out of fashion anytime soon due to their dapper appearance. These canvas sneakers are available in Black, Maroon, and Yellow. Be it any occasion, these canvas shoes can be paired up in many ways. You might have to take care of these shoes a little more. Since leather is used in the making of these shoes, make sure to protect them from sun and heat which might cause shrinkage. All colours available are eye-catching and look good with urban outfits. 

Other Stylish Shoes For Women

Sparx Women Lightweight Shoes

Another great pair of shoes for women under 500. There are many factors that approve of these shoes. First of all, the lightweight texture makes these shoes very comfortable and durable. You can go for a quick run or jogging and these shoes will perfectly grip your foot. These types of shoes are great for every day wear or for hikes and trekking. The slip-on style makes it easy for you to wear or remove these shoes without much effort. If you’re looking for sports shoes for women under 500, this is a great option to consider. 

Longwalk Round White Sneakers for Women

White sneakers are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They go well with each and every outfit. You can wear them with dresses, denim, shorts, skirts, or even with your kurtis for a comfortable yet chic look. They come with non-slip soles which save you from slipping floors. These shoes are just the best you can get if you’re looking for good shoes for women under 500. The glossy finish they have adds a little extra charm to your look.  

HI-Attitude Low-Top Lace-Up Sneakers

Looking for a different yet stylish pair of shoes for women under 500? This might be the one. These lace up sneakers are a great choice for work wear, casual wear, and party wear. These shoes go very well for these occasions for their cool look. The crisp white bottom is very well complemented by the blue fabric making the colours pop out. With the ongoing fashion game where everyone is trying to put their best foot forward, this will elevate your look in a great way. 

Denill Women High-Top Shoes

Willing to ditch the basics and go for a bold look? These high-ankle shoes for women under 500 can be a great pick. These shoes provide extra support and stability for all-day wear, which allows the wearer to easily walk around and do their regular job. The high-top or high-ankle gives you a lift in height as well and boosts your confidence. The lace-up design ensures a good fit and grip. The classic black and white goes well with every outfit. The supple leather material adds a touch of quality as well. 

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Where to look for shoes online?

Ajio: Ajio is an e-commerce website that offers premium to affordable lifestyle, clothing, and footwear products with an array of options to choose from. You can easily get a wide range of shoes for women under 500 here. You can choose shoes according to your style and preference. 

Myntra: Known as India’s biggest fashion online store, Myntra caters to all the needs that come under fashion. There is a huge selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes for women under 500. From affordable to luxury, you can get your hands on anything and everything you want here and get them at even lower prices with the Myntra coupon code. 

Amazon: It is a global e-commerce giant that has possibly everything available for its users to shop for. You can get a vast variety of shoes for women under 500 as Amazon has many options that cater to all preferences and budgets. 

Flipkart: It is a leading Indian e-commerce platform with a vast selection of products. They often have strong deals and discounts, particularly during their sales events like Big Billion Days.

Brand websites: Although most of the domestic and global brands are available on shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, and Myntra, there is more to explore. You can browse through the specific brand websites as well if that’s what you want. 


While there are many brands that offer an array of options for women’s shoes, you can always try new brands and styles. However, to name a few brands, Bata, Earth Step, and Sparx are some brands that are considered great for women. 
Canvas or basic white sneakers are a must-have for every woman no matter what your style quotient is. They go very well with every outfit and add a touch of style to your look as well. 
Online shopping platforms like Ajio, Myntra, and Amazon are great for exploring an array of options from budget-friendly to premium-quality shoes for women and men. You can also use Myntra Coupon Code while shopping on myntra to get additional discounts.   
With so many options in fashion, there are many things that you can get online to uplift your look. For your outfits, you can easily get your hands on denim jackets under 500 or even slings bags under 500. 
While daily cleaning of shoes is fine, everyday washing can damage some materials and shorten their lifespan. Wash only when visibly dirty. Ideally, sports shoes and sneakers can be washed every 1-2 weeks. Always check care instructions while buying shoes. 


We hope this blog has helped with all the amazing possibilities that exist in terms of shoes for women under 500. Remember, looking good doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort or practicality. With a little planning, you can win the shoe game with confidence. The key to finding the perfect shoes is to focus on comfort and a subtle design. You can always go for a bolder look to pair up with a subtle outfit. All you need to do is keep the tips we’ve mentioned in this blog handy while picking a pair of shoes. You can go for other options as well based on your personal style statement and choice. The process of getting good shoes for women under 500 should be a fun one so make sure you enjoy it. Who knows, you might come across something really classy under this budget. Check out the online shopping platforms we’ve mentioned to get a variety of options. 

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