Top Sewing Machine Brands In India for Sewing In Style 

If stitching has always been the skill you wanted to master, now is the time to pick the sewing machine that you think would work the best according to your needs. Get yourself ready to discover the “Top 10 Sewing Machine Brands in India” alongside us. This book is your pass to high-quality machines and amazing bargains, regardless of your level of experience with stitches. Get ready for an exploration of the brands that turn every stitch into a work of art. In addition to this, also start working on improving your sewing skills, an enjoyable and reasonably priced journey! Together, let’s sew our way to financial success and style. 


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What makes a sewing machine good?

Crafting a quality sewing machine involves several key elements that contribute to its performance and reliability. Firstly, a durable build is crucial – sturdy materials ensure longevity and stability during operation. A variety of stitch options tailored to different sewing needs is another important aspect, providing versatility for various projects. Ease of use is equally vital, as a user-friendly design simplifies the sewing process for both beginners and experienced users. A powerful yet smooth motor ensures consistent stitching without jams or interruptions. Additionally, thoughtful features such as adjustable speed settings, automatic threading, and a well-lit workspace enhance the overall sewing experience. Brands that prioritize innovation, durability, and user-friendly features contribute to the making of a good sewing machine, providing enthusiasts with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.

Sewing Machines by the top sewing machine brands in India

Usha Bandhan Manual Sewing Machine 

Usha sewing machine price - The Shopping Friendly

Different textiles can be worked with by the flexible Bandhan Composite Manual Sewing Machine. Fine fabrics like chiffon and durable materials like denim can be handled by this machine. If you enjoy sewing and dealing with different types of clothes, this is a great option. This sewing machine is an excellent option because of its reasonable pricing and 4-step button-holing for professional button holes. Usha Bandhan Composite Manual Sewing Machine is also among the top 10 sewing machine brands in India. Heavy use won’t harm this dependable and strong equipment. The machine is durable and flexible. It could help sewers create beautiful embroidered patterns on a range of materials.

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Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

One of India’s masterpiece sewing machines for beginners is the Singer Start 1306. This machine makes it to the list of the top 10 sewing machine brands in India because of its straightforward design, high-quality material, two-year warranty, brand recognition, and several functions. With its six built-in stitch patterns—four basic, one ornamental, and one buttonhole—you may unleash your creative potential. It also features a preset stitch length and width, dual spool pins for twin needle sewing, a 4-step automatic buttonhole, a removable free arm, and three pressure feet to make sewing more enjoyable and professional. An example of the intricate work that can be done on this sewing machine is the stitching of the Paithani blouse design, which needs professional skill and machine. 

JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

The amazing Juki HZL-27Z sewing machine combines power and simplicity. This model’s user-friendly features make it ideal for both beginners and professionals for simpler tasks. It has an adjustable speed control, automated needle threading, and 22 stitch patterns. Sewing is simplified with the one-step buttonhole feature and drop-in bobbin method. Juki’s dedication to strength and accuracy is visible in the HZL-27Z, which is a dependable option for anyone who wants to enter the world of sewing. Other than this Juki sewing machine, the brand, which falls among the top 10 sewing machine brands in India, provides reliable other options as well. 

More Sewing Machines By Top Brands

Brother JA20 Home Sewing Machine

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly 

If you’re someone planning to try on your sewing skills, this particular Brother sewing machine is what you need to get right away. The sophisticated, easy-to-use, and compatible Brother JA20 Home Sewing Machine comes with the latest technology and features making it the one solution for all your sewing needs for home. Because of its sturdy plastic body, it is incredibly lightweight, solid, and dependable. Its many stitch options make sewing easy, and its detachable arm makes sewing collars, sleeves, and cuffs simple while offering convenient storage within. It also features an integrated motor, an automatic one-step buttonhole, and a thread cutter incorporated right into the presser bar. At a fairly reasonable price, this sewing machine is among the best for tailoring.

JANOME Compact Electric sewing machine

With its 13 built-in stitch capabilities and 21 applications, along with a buttonhole stitch, rolled hemming, stretch stitching, embroidery, zip fixing, quilting, smocking, and so much more, the accessible JANOME Compact Electric sewing machine will undoubtedly inspire and expand your creativity. Compared to other top 10 sewing machine brands in India, this one produces three times stronger stitches thanks to its solid foundation. In addition, it has two dials for selecting the pattern and stitch length along with a free arm for circular stitching. If you’re done visiting the nearby tailor for those tiny alterations, in that case, you need to get this sewing machine.

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Onshoppy Portable Sewing Machine

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

The Onshoppy Portable Sewing Machine has the potential to be your ultimate sewing. Made for simplicity, this compact wonder is perfect for beginners and pros alike. With easy-to-use features, it makes stitching a breeze – from basic fixes to creative projects. Take it wherever you go, thanks to its portable design. Sturdy and reliable, this sewing machine is built for everyday use. Thread the needle and adjust stitches effortlessly, making sewing a joy. Elevate your stitching game with the Onshoppy Portable Sewing Machine – the go-to choice for hassle-free and enjoyable sewing adventures!

Akiara Mini Sewing Machine 

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

The Akiara mini sewing machine is suitable for mending clothes and various other uses. Its inbuilt spool assist and winding pole make thread replacement simple. Also, the machine features a reverse and straight stitch capability that can be adjusted. Either the foot pedal or the automatic stitching mode can be used. The device is ideal for carrying around because it is compact and lightweight. The Akiara Mini Sewing Machine is an excellent option if you’re searching for a basic and user-friendly sewing machine.

Other Sewing Machines Available

Chillaxplus Sewing Machine For Home Tailoring

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

The Chillaxplus Sewing Machine – your go-to companion for home tailoring. Designed for both beginners and experienced crafters, this sewing machine combines precision with simplicity. With versatile features, it effortlessly handles everything from basic alterations to creative projects. Compact and portable, it’s easy to set up anywhere inspiration strikes. Sturdy and durable, it ensures stability while sewing and its user-friendly design makes threading and adjusting stitches a breeze. Upgrade your home tailoring experience with the Chillaxplus Sewing Machine – the perfect tool for making every stitch a masterpiece. 

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Qualimate Mini Sewing Tailor Machine

The Qualimate mini sewing machine stands out as a fantastic option for those seeking versatility and affordability in a sewing machine for home use. It comes equipped with essential accessories, including four metal bobbins, a foot pedal, a needle, and a needle threader. With the added convenience of two-speed control, sewing sleeves becomes a breeze. However, it’s worth noting that this mini sewing machine may not be the best choice for thicker fabrics like denim and velvet due to its specific setting for thinner materials.

KPCB Tech Sewing Machine Mini

top 10 sewing machine brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Ideal for those in search of a small and compact sewing machine, this little gem includes an extension table and sewing kit. Perfect for home tailoring and small projects, its mini size makes it super easy to carry around. The built-in light adds extra convenience, and the double thread stitching and low/high-speed button are great features, ensuring both safety and versatility. This sewing machine is a perfect match for beginners diving into the world of stitching.


You can buy sewing machines from various renowned brands like Usha, Singer, and Juki on popular online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.
Consider your skill level, the type of clothing you’ll be working on, your budget and the purpose of buying the sewing machine. Popular brands like Usha and Qualimate offer a variety of options serving different needs of different people.
Yes, many of the top 10 sewing machine brands offer budget-friendly options too. Look for models from various brands that provide reliable performance in the prices that suit your pocket. You can also get some of the top models of sewing machines on discounts. 
Most online shopping sites allow easy comparison of prices. Use filters matching your budget and sorting options to find the best deals. Additionally, consider checking for discounts and customer reviews.
Yes, reputable brands like Usha, Singer and Juki  are known for their qualityas they are one of the top 10 sewing machine brands in India. To ensure reliability, buy from reputed online platforms and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.


And here we conclude our blog as we reveal the top 10 sewing machine brands in India and their best versions. These machines are reliable for simple and easy sewing. They are easy to use, robust, and suitable for any sewing project, regardless of your  experience level. Happy stitching now that you are aware of the options you can choose from. We hope you have fun while stitching and your work turns out just as smoothly as your sewing affair .

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