Here are the Top trolley bags brands in India for Travelling

Let’s talk about something we all love – travel! You know that feeling when you’re all set to explore new places? Well, we get it! And guess what? Trolley bags are like the superheroes of travel. They make everything so much easier and stylish too. So, today, we’re on a mission to discover the best trolley bag brands in India. These bags aren’t just for carrying stuff; they’re like your travel buddies, making every trip a breeze. Let’s find out which ones are the real champs! 


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How to Choose The Right Travel Bag?

Selecting the perfect trolley bag can turn your travels into an easy and enjoyable experience. Start by considering your needs – think about the duration and purpose of your trips. Opt for a size that suits your essentials without being too bulky. Check for durability by choosing sturdy zippers and quality materials to ensure longevity. Go for smooth-rolling wheels to move your trolley bag effortlessly. Don’t forget about compartments – a well-organised bag can save you from the hassle of losing your things. Consider the weight of the empty bag, as you wouldn’t want to start with a heavy load. Finally, choose a design that resonates with you. make sure to consider these key points before choosing your travel companion. Here are the best and some of the top 10 trolley bags brands in India for you to choose from.

Here are the Luggage Brands In India

Delsey Paris 

top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

French elegance is added to your travels with Delsey Paris, a well-known brand in the travel luggage industry that was founded in 1946. Delsey is renowned for its dedication to fine craftsmanship, inventiveness, and stylish design, and it has a legacy spanning more than seven decades. This brand is also the best luggage bags in India. The company constantly tries to evolve, launching great innovations like the correct Zip SecuriTech that offers your things high security.

Alongside, Delsey Paris suitcases are guaranteed with a 10-year warranty, so you can buy these luggage with assurance and travel with confidence. To accommodate any type of traveller, Delsey has a wide selection of baggage, including softside spinners and hardshell suitcases.

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American Tourister 

top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

In the realm of travel accessories and luggage, American Tourister is a well-respected company that is well-known for its lively, youthful, and energetic products. It was first created in 1933 and is a part of the Samsonite brand. It has a long history of offering passengers dependable and fashionable luggage options. Travelling is made more pleasant and hassle-free with American Tourister’s lightweight, durable designs, which demonstrate the company’s dedication to innovation.

American Tourister is a reputable brand for both people and families looking for luggage that can survive the challenges of travel and show their adventurous attitude. It is well-known for its affordability and dependability. It is one of the most well-known luggage brands in India and is reasonably priced and dependable.


top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Aristocrat offers a range of spacious textured luggage that is capable of holding everything you’ll need for your trip, along with many beautiful bags that can rotate 360 degrees. The storage of clothing and other items is protected by the bags. On top of that, locks and sheet covers are included with the trolley bags. These travelling bags are best for long-term trips; they’re like the ideal travel partners. Aristocrat adds a touch of luxury to every journey with its stylish design and blend of strength.

While the smooth wheels make traveling around airports an enjoyable experience, the strong construction guarantees the safety of your goods. With a selection that fits every taste, Aristocrat offers both classic and vivid hues. Not only do these bags have a stylish appearance, but they are also extremely well-made and equipped with all the latest features.

Other Famous Bag Brands in India


top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

When it comes to travel needs, VIP Luggage is a reputable brand that has a long history and a dedication to excellence. VIP has made a name for itself as one of the leaders in the Indian luggage market. The company takes great pride in producing luggage that is not only dependable and long-lasting but also modern and up to date with the newest styles. Suitcases, duffle bags, and travel accessories are just a few of the baggage alternatives that VIP baggage provides to meet the various demands of travelers. VIP baggage is distinguished by its perpetual innovation, resulting in lightweight and ergonomic designs that enhance the comfort of travel. Travelers who appreciate quality continue to choose VIP baggage because of its blend of tradition and contemporary.  


top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Since its inception in the luggage industry, Uppercase has been a name synonymous with practicality and trustworthiness. With the innovation of its design and sturdiness, the brand has excelled at both fashion and functionality. Headquartered in Bangalore and founded in 2021, uppercase is quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading baggage brands in India. Uppercase has a variety of shoulder bags, backpacks, and travel bags that are all made according to the needs of modern travelers in mind. 

You can get uppercase trolley bags at discounted prices with the Amazon New Year offer. Being the first company in India to offer sustainable hard trolleys, Uppercase stands out. It has grown to be a favorite among people who value practicality, clean, sustainable design, and travel, making it an excellent option for both seasoned tourists and those just beginning their journeys.


One of the best-known luggage brands in India is Samsonite. With a long history of more than a century, Samsonite is a well-known brand in the travel accessory industry. It is frequently listed as one of the top 10 trolly bags brands in India and around the globe. There’s no introducing Samsonite as the biggest luggage manufacturer in the world.

The brand is known for its innovative designs and materials, which have enabled it to lead the industry in terms of quality, durability, and creativity. 

Samsonite has a large selection of products to suit your individual needs, whether you’re a business traveler, family vacationing, or a frequent traveler. If you’re searching for a sturdy trolleycase, Samsonite might be the best option because their suitcases often come with a 10-year warranty. 


Travelling sometimes can be full of challenges and at that time, you need a companion that you can rely on. Learn about the unmatched quality of Clownfish, which stands tall among the top 10 trolley bags brands in India. Clownfish travel luggage is a monument to contemporary design and utility, seamlessly combining flair and robustness. Specifically made for the travellers of the present day, these bags include thoughtfully crafted pockets that make traveling easy to manage. The convenience of your travel is increased by precisely designed wheels that ensure smooth movement over a variety of terrains that sometimes can be hard to carry luggage.

Clownfish acknowledges that everyone has different interests and needs, and they provide a wide selection of patterns to suit individual preferences. Choosing Clownfish will enhance your vacation experience with an unparalleled blend of style and functionality.

More Luggage Brands To Shop From


top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

The name quite says it all. It would be unfair to make a list of the top 10 trolley bags brands in India and not mention Safari as the second largest sellar of luggage in the world. With products that satisfy a broad range of demands and preferences, Safari has gained the trust of many tourists. Safari baggage is built to withstand the demands of travel, making it a great option for adventurers and world travellers. 

A variety of luggage solutions are available from the brand – be it trolley bags, backpacks, and many more to accommodate different travel needs. In India, the Safari Ray and Safari Pentagon luggage lines are highly well-liked by customers. They are both reasonably priced luggage with scratch-resistant polypropylene shells and spinning wheels.

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top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Skybags offers a wide variety of options in luggage to meet various travel demands, perfectly fusing style and utility in their backpacks, duffel bags, and trolley bags. Skybags has built a solid reputation for producing dependable travel companions that not only withstand the demands of travel but also make a stylish statement because to its emphasis on innovation, premium materials, and ergonomic designs. Skybags, a member of the VIP Industries group, is a prominent participant in the Indian baggage industry, always providing goods that satisfy the changing needs of modern tourists. 

As a well-known brand in India, Skybags has established a solid reputation for offering stylish and practical luggage alternatives. Customers who are fashion-forward and dynamic are drawn to Skybags because of their current designs and strong construction. 

Tommy Hilfiger 

top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Among the top 10 trolley bags brands in India, Tommy Hilfiger is a major player that can help you up your travel style. Tommy Hilfiger, a brand well-known for its impeccable style sense, applies the same detailing to its baggage line. The trolley bags by the brand combine style and utility in a way that makes your travels fun and easy. Because they are made of high-quality materials, they guarantee longevity and a hint of luxury. Your belongings are kept organized in cleverly designed compartments, and traveling is made easier by the smooth rolling wheels. Tommy Hilfiger offers a variety of baggage to suit any taste because they know that luggage can also reflect personal style. Tommy Hilfiger is the ultimate travel companion, combining elegance and functionality to up your travel game. 

Nasher Miles

top 10 trolley bags brands in India - The Shopping Friendly

Among the best trolley bag brands available in India, Nasher Miles stands out for providing a chic and practical combination that is ideal for modern travellers. The options feature Nasher Miles trolley bags, which are thoughtfully created with the modern adventurer in mind, that enhance your travel experience. These bags are made using strong materials with an emphasis on longevity. The cleverly designed sections make packing easier, and the easy-to-move smooth rolling wheels add even more convenience. Nasher Miles prioritizes security and frequently uses advanced locking techniques in their architectural designs. With Nasher Miles modern design satisfies the demands of the latest trends, and you may elevate your tour game.


The ideal trolley bag for you depends on your specific needs. Think about things like design, durability, and size. For frequent travellers, a robust yet lightweight alternative would be perfect. Look for roomy interiors and clever organisational features for longer trips.
Yes, many of the top brands offer a range of trolley bags to suit different budgets. You can find options that have both quality and affordability, in your budget. Keep an eye out for discounts and sales for even more budget-friendly choices.
The top ten trolley bag brands available in India have a great and wide selection, covering large bags, medium-sized options, and cabin-sized bags. There are variations with solid and soft shells, for every different need. These brands got you covered no matter what you need.
Yes! The top 10 trolley bags brands in India are easily available on many online shopping portals. You can easily buy your favorite trolley bags from the comfort of your home using websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and official brand stores.
Yes. To suit your style, a wide range of colors and patterns are available on almost all brands. There’s something for everyone. 


Travel lovers, there you have it. The ultimate list of all the top brands that offer the perfect partner for your trips and tours. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a road trip expert, these brands have the bags you might just need. It’s finally time to make your journeys more stylish with the help of just a bag. So, pick the one that suits your needs, pack them, and get ready for the next chapter of your travel story. 

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