Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him To Show Your Love 

Hello there ladies! As we are nearing Valentine’s week, we know the struggle of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him begins. However, in this year of affection and heartfelt expressions, finding a token of love that perfectly flaunts your feelings can be a journey both thrilling and heartwarming. Whether you’re celebrating a long relationship romance or on the verge of a new brewing love story, our curated list of gifting options for men is here to up your gifting game. With thousands of thoughtful options for gifting, it is time to explore the wide array of gifts ensuring that your Valentine’s Day celebration is adorned with the perfect expression of love. With these gift ideas, you can express your love to your Valentine without speaking much. So read on and pick the one you think would suit best to your lover.  


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22 Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for him 


Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

No need to spend more time onto thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Get something you know he will use no matter where he is. Earbuds are a great option when it comes to gifts. Whether it is a call, his favourite music, or a gym session that needs motivation, you would know when he will need new earbuds. So, without wasting a moment, get this useful gift for your guy right away. 


first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly 

If your guy loves a classy trinket on his wrists, chances are, you can pick this one as a special gift for him. Just like watches, bracelets are meant to adorn the wrists of a man and add a little more charm to an already impressive personality. You can look for gold, silver, or rose gold, as these pretty little things look charming. Make sure you pick something that is tarnish-free and lightweight before buying. If you guys have been together for some years now, your guy will surely like this gift. 


first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly

This is one of the fun Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Those who have been together for quite a long time know the needs and wants of each other and you often pick things for him that come in use. You can get the basic solid colors for your man that he can wear to work or get him something goofy and funky for the days he is on vacation. This not only shows you care about him but also gives you options to choose from. Couple socks are another great thing out there so go get a matching pair for yourself too. 



Let us agree that not many people consider this option as a gift especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for him. But this is a great item to pick for him as a gift on love day. You get options for designs, trends, shades, rims and so much more. You can get him a pair of sunglasses that he wants or need and trust us, he’ll be very happy to receive this present. Make sure you pick the one that would suit his face cut. Ladies, you can also get a pair of shades at a discount with the princess polly coupon code.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

Phone case

Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

Men do not pay much attention to such things and that’s why you can. You can get a smartphone case for your man that suits his style preference or anything he likes. With a huge variety available in the market, you can get options from solid colors to unique patterns, or maybe his favourite superhero or anime character. After all, guys too like these things but never think of getting such things for themselves. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. 


first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly

Girls, a comfortable and subtle hoodie can be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. You can get one in his favourite colour, get a personal symbol or design embroidered on it, or simply get something similar to what you have. A rugged hoodie will make him feel comfortable, stylish and will also remind him of you every time he wears it. Pullovers, graphics, string, zipper, buttons-up, and many other options are there to choose from when it comes to buying hoodies for men.

Sipper/Water Bottle 

first Valentine's gift for boyfriend  

Great gifts will delight the receiver. You can get your man a good-looking sipper or hot water bottle to help him stay hydrated all day long. With the evolution of designs everywhere, you can get water bottles in solid colors, and cool patterns or even get them personalised with his initials or a quote you both resonate with. A water bottle or sipper can be both thoughtful and useful. Not to forget you can always get one for yourself to match with your soulmate. 

Wallet or card holder

personalised valentines gifts - The Shopping Friendly 

Help him keep his money, IDs, and other daily essential documents safe by gifting him a wallet or a card holder. These Valentine’s Day gifts for him are a great way to express your love and appreciation for them. A classy brown, black, solid colours, or textured wallet is a great accessory to complement his personality. After all, it is said that the way you carry your money reflects how you carry yourself. 

Assortment of handmade chocolates

personalised valentines gifts - The Shopping Friendly 

An assortment of handmade chocolates makes for a delightful Valentine’s Day gift for him. Imagine the joy of indulging in a variety of flavors, each crafted with care and sweetness. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture that adds a touch of sweetness to your celebration. Handmade chocolates show you’ve put effort into selecting a treat that suits his taste, making the gift not just delicious but personal too. It’s a sweet way to say, “You’re special,” and share moments of happiness together. 

Other Gift ideas for men


first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly

A beanie is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him—cool, cosy, and effortlessly stylish. It’s not just about keeping him warm; it’s a fashion-forward accessory that elevates his look. Show him you care with a beanie that suits his vibe, making every day a little more stylish and snug. It’s the kind of gift that represents that you care for their well-being while also their style. So make sure you get one in a style and colour that suits his persona. You can get a variety for women at low costs using pretty little thing coupons. 


We all have our lazy days when all we want to do is chill at home. And for such days when your man is in that lazy zone, a pair of fuzzy slippers would be a great companion for him. You can get to choose from a great variety available out there. Pick the one which is cosy and would look cool if he makes up his mind to step out. 

Massage gun

Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

The definition of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him is something that makes him happy and keeps him well. And a massage gun can do both of these things. After all, who does not like a relaxing massage after a long and tiring day? The massage gun will relieve the daily life stress, and this gift will show how much you are for him. 

Neck rest

first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - the Shopping Friendly

Is your guy a travel enthusiast? Well, then you should not think twice as a neck rest is one of the most liked Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Figuring the shape of your neck and head, a neck rest provides support while travel-sleeping. It is comfortable, and soft and will not let your neck get a spasm. You can get it with the Ajio upcoming sale

Crossbody bag

first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly

For the newbies, if you are looking for the first Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend, this can be a great choice. A crossbody bag has many advantages; it can be carried in multiple ways according to the look your man chooses to pull off. A crossbody bag helps to keep some important stuff in place even while you’re travelling without worrying about how to carry it. 


first Valentine's gift for boyfriend - The Shopping Friendly 

If you think you need to spend a lot to get something classy for Valentine’s Day for your man, then you’re wrong. Get a subtle yet delightful cologne for your guy and pamper him a little more this Love Day. Not only him but you will enjoy this gift too. You can get the one he already has and loves or you can give him something which suits his personality according to you. 


Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

There are some fundamental things that never get old as Valentine’s Day Gifts for him and belts are one of them. They look elegant in formal attire, have practical value, and make a man look confident. You can even get his initials carved on a leather belt or on the metal buckle to make it a personalized Valentine’s gift. This is the perfect amalgamation of style and practicality.

More gift ideas for him  


personalised valentines gifts - The Shopping Friendly 

A gift that has a thought behind it is always a little more special. You can get your guy a planner to help him keep up with his work and plans. A gift like this shows the concern, care, and thoughtfulness you have for him. Gifts like these motivate a man to work harder for success. You can get a planner in his favourite colour or pattern. 

Duffle bag

Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

Time to add a hint of style to your man’s regular plans with just a duffle bag. A walk toward the gym, a short trip with his mates, and whatnot, a duffle bag is a great way to carry stuff around without any hassle. This will also imply that you encourage his different experiences. Get a bag of great quality and material that is durable. 

Cocktail maker set

personalised valentines gifts - The Shopping Friendly 

This is a gift option that will create a chance for you two to bond over different cocktails, crafting drinks and so much more. If he likes to experiment with his drinks, this is surely going to be his favourite Valentine’s Day gift for him. After all, you will get to see his creative approach to your drinks made by your man. 

3 in 1 charging stand

Valentine's Day gifts for him - The Shopping Friendly 

Make things easy for your significant other with this unique and tech-established gift. A 3 in 1 charging stand will easily charge 3 smart devices at the same time. This will save time and will also keep his desk or bedside table organised and purged. It has 3 different sockets for your smart phone, watches, and ear plugs too. So, pick this one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him this year on V-Day. 

Screen magnifier for phone

Next up is an interesting one and if your man is a fan of superheroes, action and thrill, you don’t need to worry about him liking it, because he is going to love this one. A screen magnifier for smartphone is a screen device that enlarges the phone screen more than 15 times enhancing the screen experience while he is watching his favourite movie or show. 

Grooming Kit 

personalised valentines gifts - The Shopping Friendly

Show some love to your guy by gifting him a grooming kit that has some products for men to look as charming as they are. There is a huge variety of grooming kits out there and you can get the one you think your man will like the most. Not only will this pamper him but will also spark a desire for him to follow a proper grooming routine. Razor grooming kit, beauty grooming kit, and many others are the options. 


Chocolates, greeting cards, personalised cards, letters, cakes, flowers, and such sweet gestures are typically considered the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. 
While buying a Valentine’s gift, keep in mind the things your partner likes and preferences. His favourite colors, fabric materials he wears and such things would help you pick just the right thing for him on this V-Day. 
Yes, of course. You can get your man a concert ticket for his favourite artist, a romantic trip for the day, a pottery or a cookery class, or a pampering day. These are some experience-based gifts you can choose from. 
Absolutely. Any tech gadget like a watch, earbuds, or something else can make a great modern day Valentine’s gift. 
While choosing a gift, make sure it is suitable for engraving or monogramming. Some brands offer customisation of products to make them personalised. 


Some people might think of Valentine’s Day as a mere occasion but not many people know it is much more than that. It’s a chance and time to celebrate the unique bond two people have with each other. So love birds, cherish the spirit of love, wrap your chosen gift with love and care, and present not just an object but a special possession for your significant other. This time in our blog, we have mentioned some unique and out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to help you. So ladies, go through the blog and look for each of the items mentioned. Every idea reflects a different thought behind it which will show your guy how much you care about him. For more such ideas, keep coming back to The Shopping Friendly as we regularly update these ideas. Celebrate the day of love with your better half and cherish every moment of your love. 

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