18 Best Women’s Day Gift Ideas For The Great Women of Your Life

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Women’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to appreciate the ladies of our lives for everything that they’ve done for us. Be it our mom, sister, friend, colleague, wife, or daughter, each of these ladies has majorly contributed to our life. So, on this Women’s Day,  let’s appreciate them with beautiful & memorable gifts.

Gift-giving can be a tricky business. Whether you’re buying for your mom, friend, or wife, it becomes important to choose something that will make them happy. To help you here, we’ve put together 18 best gift ideas for the great women of your life.

Gift Ideas For Mom

Moms are the most important women in our lives. We love them, support them, and rely on them for everything from emotional support to advice. This Women’s Day, let’s appreciate her with beautiful & memorable gifts.

  • Bracelet or Lockets

Gifting a piece of beautiful jewellery is an ideal way to express your love. You can find various beautiful pendants, lockets, or bracelets online to gift her and make her happy on Women’s Day.

  • A Journal

You could write all the good moments you spent with your mom in a journal and give it to her on Women’s Day. You could also take one or two days to write about every time your mom supported you, made you laugh, or cooked your favourite meal. This would make her feel very special.

  • Kurtas or Sarees

Clothes are a great gift to give, as they add to our collections and are useful. You can buy beautiful kurtas or sarees for your mom on Women’s Day and add them to her collection.

Gift Ideas For Sister

This woman has grown up with you. She understands you and becomes your best supporter in need. Appreciate her with a fun and beautiful gift on this Women’s Day.

  • Handbag

Handbags, backpacks, or purses always come in handy. You can check out some cool bags that match her style online to gift on Women’s Day.

  • Headphones or Phone cases

If your sister likes listening to music or following new trends, you can gift her some cool headphones or phone cases. Check her preferences and styles and surprise her with a cool gadget on Women’s Day.

  • Box of Chocolates

If your sister got a sweet tooth, you can also gift her a box of chocolates containing all her favourite chocolates. Or you can simply ask her what she desires and gift her that on women’s day.

Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

She is the special person in your life. You spend waves of laughter, joy, tears, and happiness together, use this women’s day as an opportunity to appreciate her presence in your life.

  • Cakes and Bouquets

Cliched but worth it. Women love these gifts from their special ones and by doing so, you’ll be able to tell them how much she means to you. Get a delicious cake with a bouquet for her this Women’s Day.

  • Photo Collage

What can be a more beautiful gift than a photo collage of her including the best photographs of her in a single frame? You can get this beautiful gift for her this Women’s Day.

  • Perfumes

Luxurious perfume kits are bliss to women. If you’re planning to gift her something luxurious or fancy, consider perfume kits. Go online to check out various websites to get the best kit for her.

  • Keychains 

You can also give her a unique, personalized gift, like a keychain with hearts or your name engraved on it. It would make a lasting impression on her!

Gift Ideas For Wife

She is your life partner, she shares all her happiness, sadness, joys, and love with you throughout her life. She stays with you in all your highs and lows and this women’s day, it’s your chance to show her the appreciation that she deserves.

  • Rings

Rings are a way to show your love, you can buy a beautiful ring, and attach it with a thank you note to show gratitude & love to your wife on Women’s Day.

  • Dinner Date

One of the best ways to show your gratitude is to take your wife on a beautiful dinner date at a good restaurant. You can also bring beautiful flowers and chocolates to gift her on your date.

  • Dresses or Jewellery

If you want to spend a little more on gifts, then you can opt to buy fancy dresses and jewellery for your wife. Do a little research online and get the best dress & jewellery that suits your wife’s style.

Gift Ideas For Colleagues

As much as you appreciate the women in your personal life, it’s also important to appreciate the women you work with. It’s always great to thank them for their hard work and encourage them to keep giving their best.

  • Cups with Motivational Quotes

You’ll find many mugs with motivational quotes online from which you can choose the best to gift your colleague.

  • Pen Stand

The more useful the better, you can gift a creative or beautiful pen stand to your colleague on Women’s Day.

  • Chocolate Hamper

You can also go for chocolate hampers for your female colleagues for Women’s Day.

Gift Ideas For Daughter

This woman forms the most important part of your life as she is a part of you. She grows up under your guidance and protection. She is dearest to you & this Women’s Day you can show your love to your daughter through a cute and memorable gift.

  • Stationery Kit

If your daughter is a student or likes collecting stationery stuff then you can consider gifting her a beautiful stationery kit on Women’s Day.

  • Cushions or Mugs

You can get a little more creative and get a cushion or mug imprinted with your daughter’s photo as a gift for her.


We’ve compiled a list of good women’s day gifts for the women in your life. Apart from this, you can go one step further and write a note or record a video of yourself telling them how much they mean to you and see the smiles on their faces.