Bonus Side Trip with Malaysia Airlines.

Selected “Bonus Side Trip” Peninsular Malaysia Destinations:​
Alor Setar (AOR), Langkawi (LGK), Johor Bahru (JHB), Kota Bharu (KBR), Kuala Terengganu (TGG), Kuantan (KUA) & Penang (PEN)​​.

How to apply :-

To make a booking, please log in to​

STEP 1: Enter your city of origin, destination city and departure dates. ​
STEP 2: The Bonus Side Trip tab will appear. Click on Bonus Side Trip.
STEP 3: Select your desired flights to any Peninsular Malaysia destination based on search results. The Bonus Side Trip is valid enroute from on international destination to another international destination or on the way back.
STEP 4: Confirm the flight selection before proceeding. Click the “Continue” button to enter passenger details and payment. At this stage, passengers will be able to add on any ancillary offers. Kindly note that local government and airport taxes are payable for the Bonus Side Trip.​​