Best Gear Cycles under 10000 For Cycle Lovers

Ready to hop on a bike without spending a lot? Our guide is here to help you explore gear cycles under 10000, making it easy to find an affordable and good-quality ride. Whether you’re into fitness or just need a budget-friendly way to get around, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we check out the best gear cycles under 10000, where you get great value and performance without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the world of budget-friendly gear cycles – where you can find a quality ride that won’t cost you a fortune, making cycling accessible for everyone. We’ve mastered the challenge of choosing the ideal gear cycle within a budget in a market full of possibilities. Whether you’re an eco-conscious commuter or an exercise enthusiast, our goal is to make finding reasonably priced, high-quality gear cycles easier. Come along with us as we explore the wide range of options and find the best gear cycles under Rs 10,000 that combine performance and value in a smooth manner.


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Here are the 12 Best Gear Cycles under 10000

Leader Gladiator 26t Mountain Bike

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

The Leader Gladiator 26t Mountain Bike lives up to its name, delivering a robust riding experience packed with features for a smooth journey. Boasting a sturdy steel frame and 26-inch tires, it’s tailored for tackling rough terrains. The 21-speed Shimano gears ensure effortless pedalling, while the front suspension absorbs shocks on bumpy rides. With responsive disc brakes for quick stops, the Gladiator guarantees stability, control, and durability. What’s more, Leader offers free pan-India installation, making it hassle-free to hit the trails. Thanks to its seamless gear shifting, reliable suspension, and effective disc brakes, the Gladiator stands out as one of the best MTBs under 10000. Plus, the added perk of free installation across India makes it a top choice for riders seeking both performance and convenience. 

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Hero Sprint Riot 26T MTB Geared Cycle

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

The Hero Sprint Riot 26T MTB Geared Cycle is a versatile choice designed for riders aged 12 and above. Packed with essential features, this unisex mountain bike ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Equipped with a sturdy steel frame, as one of the best cycle brands in India it offers durability for your cycling adventures. The 21-speed Shimano gears make climbing easy, while the front suspension adds comfort on bumpy terrains. With dual disc brakes ensuring uniform and responsive braking, the 26-inch wheels provide control and stability. Hero stands by the durability of the Sprint Riot, offering a reassuring 1-year warranty on the frame and fork. Experience superior performance with its responsive front suspension, reliable disc brakes, and seamless Shimano gearshifts, making the Hero Sprint Riot 26T MTB Geared Cycle a trusted companion for years of enjoyable riding.

Urban Terrain UT1000S26GREY, Steel MTB Mountain Cycle

21 gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

Urban Terrain is a cycle brand that keeps safety as the topmost priority for its users. Premium quality brakes have been provided for maximum safety both in the front and rear wheels of this cycle. 95% of the assemblage will be provided at the time of delivery. The bike is equipped with 26-inch wide tires and light, steel rims for a comfortable ride and a significant performance boost on the road. Superior comfort and a well-cushioned ride are provided by an appealing grip and an easily adjustable saddle height. There is no need for any tools to change the seat height.

Good options for Gear cycles under 10000

Avon Buke Steam 26T Mtb Cycle 

21 gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

The 26T is a Mountain Terrain Bike (MTB) designed for children and men over the age of fifteen. For the comfort of the rider, the seat can be raised or lowered. The bike’s rigid suspension system contributes to its lightweight and quickness. Both on and off-road, it is pleasantly comfy. The bike’s disc brakes offer better speed control. The bicycle has a modern appearance thanks to its short curved handlebar. This bicycle boasts an 18-inch frame that is particularly strong and durable due to its top-notch, high-tensile steel construction. The bike is additionally strengthened and balanced by the steel rims on the wheels. The frame of the Steam 26T is guaranteed for life. Ten reflectors are included with the MTB for added safety.

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Lifelong MTB 26T Gear Cycle

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

If you’re planning to buy a gear cycle on a budget, this might be your sign to consider the Lifelong brand for its MTB 26T one. This cycle has the potential to become your favorite outdoor companion. This cycle ensures a smooth and comfortable ride across various terrains, making it an excellent choice for your outdoor adventures. Featuring a 21-speed dual disc brake micro-shifter gear system, the cycle provides seamless gear changes and superior control, catering to both easy rides and more adventurous cycling activities. Made better with wide and sturdy MTB tires, this cycle delivers improved durability, grip, and stability, ensuring a reliable riding experience. This is the best gear cycle under 10000 which is ideal for both men and women. 

Vesco Drift NXG 26-T MTB Mountain Bicycle

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

Buy this one of the best gear cycle under 10000 and you will not be disappointed. The Vesco Drift is a great pick for budding cyclists as this gear cycle is delivered to your 85% assembled. As easy as this is made for the riders, it allowes you to enjoy riding right away when you get it. It has dual disc brakes, a vintage-style saddle, and a lightweight steel frame for both durability and an easy ride. With a 26-inch tire size, 18-inch frame, and a 21-speed gear system, it offers a perfect blend of style and functionality. Unbox your package containing the cycle, front wheel, handle, pedals, seat, mudguard, and a toolkit with an Allen key & spanner for straightforward assembly. 

More Gear Cycles under 10000 

Cradiac – Xplorer Unisex Mountain Bike

Next on the list is the Cradiac Xplorer 29 7-speed MTB, a reliable companion with top-class components for a seamless cycling experience. Built on a strong 19-inch hi-tensile steel frame, this unisex bicycle combines durability and functionality. The eye-catching colors and graphics enhance its visual appeal, making it an ideal choice. With dual disc brakes for secure stops and a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain with effortless Shimano EF500 shifters, the Xplorer ensures effortless rides. The suspension fork adds comfort on uneven roads, while the 29-inch nylon tires with double-wall alloy rims offer excellent traction. The Xplorer is suitable for daily commutes, mountain trails, and unpaved surfaces. 

Vector 91 Men’s Athens Hybrid Gear Bike

21 gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

The Lifelong MTB 26T Gear Cycle is built to tackle tough terrains and roads with its tough 18-inch steel frame. The drive train features anti-skid plastic pedals with reflectors, 21-speed Micro shift gears, and is ideal for riders between 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 10 inches, catering to the age group of 12+ years. The wheels possess black steel rims and nylon tyres for stability. Main components include a raised handlebar, V brakes, sporty saddle with quick release, and practical accessories like mudguards, a side stand, and reflectors. Perfect for school, tuitions, daily errands, city commutes, and leisure biking, this cycle comes 85% assembled with a tool kit for convenient completion. With Vector, get ready for a great cycling experience. 

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Stryder 26T Street Fire MTB 

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

The Stryder 26T Street Fire MTB Mountain Bike Cycle is the perfect blend of a stylish design with essential features, making it a great choice for kids and young teens. With 26-inch wheels providing stability and 21-speed Shimano gears for easy pedaling, this cycle is made for riders aged 10 and above. The durable steel frame ensures longevity, and the V-brakes deliver uniform braking for safety. Not only this, it also comes 85% pre-assembled, allowing for quick usage. Featuring stylish paint graphics and a convenient front carry handle, the Street Fire cycle has a cool look and it also encourages kids to stay active outdoors. Its strong build quality and reliable braking make it a safe and enjoyable choice for young riders exploring the excitement of cycling.

Other Gear Cycles Available

Dexter Mountain Bike

When a design that is both functionality meets style, they form the Dexter Mountain Bike cycle. This cycle is just the perfect ride not only for teenagers but also for adults who like to ride a cycle in style. This latest range of cycles in the budget comes with a seat whose height can be adjusted for riders of different or varying ages according to their preferred need. A trendy color combination along with the lightweight carbon steel frame, this cycle has been designed manageably making it just right for an ideal choice for the best gear cycle under 10,000. It is a dependable companion for those who seek both performance and comfort in their cycling adventures.

Vaux Falcon 27.5T Cycle

best gear cycle under 10000 - The Shopping Friendly

With a premium single-speed MTB, the Vaux Falcon cycle has been manufactured with Argon, welded with a HI-TEN frame made of steel in 17 inches. The double-wall alloy rims are rust-free making it last long and it also comes with a front suspension fort for easy and smooth travelling. If you’re someone looking for the best gear cycle under 10000, this is a pretty good deal to pick. Double disk brakes have been incorporated into the cycle along with adjustable seat height and a cotterless crankset that helps with effortless provide safety in unexpected situations, the powerful dual disk brakes will come to the rescue. The bike is 90% constructed, and the remaining 10% can be finished in 15 minutes. Included are the assembly tools.

Symactive PowerMile S2000 Geared Mountain Cycle 

Sustainably designed, the frame of Symactive Powermile geared mountain cycle enables to ride smoothly on harsh terrains and roads. The handlebar of the bicycle is a double-bend steel design with an alloy stem. This has outstanding looks in addition to reflecting strength. Additionally, the cycle features a Neco head fitting of the threadless variety. Along with a rigid fork, two options are available: V Brake and Power Brake. To facilitate simple mobility, the bicycle features a steel wheel with a black rim. In addition to providing a fashionable appearance, plastic anti-skid body reflectorized pedals also offer a safe and comfortable pedaling experience. The bike sports a Shimano 21-speed gearbox that allows for smooth gear changes when needed. The cycling brand also offers installs and assembly services. 


The top brands for buying gear cycles are Urban Terrain, Lifelong, Leader, and several others. Check for your requirements and choose the gear cycle that suits your taste the best. 
The largest gear on your cassette (rear gears) and the smallest chain ring at the front of your bike are the “low” gears. You can bike uphill with the least amount of resistance in this position because it will be the simplest to pedal in.
Geared bicycles are excellent for long-distance travel, off-roading, riding in the mountains, and navigating uphill towns.
Choosing the correct frame size is crucial for comfort, and on slopes or uphill rides, a geared cycle allows effortless gear shifts for added ease. 
Three front and seven rear gears are found in a 21-speed bike. Chainrings are the front gears that are positioned in line with the pedals. Rear gears are referred to as cogs (gears) individually and as cassettes collectively when they are aligned with the axle of the rear wheel. 


Cycling is not only a great physical activity but also a fun sport for someone to indulge in. While there are many brands to choose from for those who want to pick a cycle, we have picked a few of the best. In this blog, we have tried our best to bring you the top and best gear cycles under 10000 in a list for easy access. In a world where everything is expensive, your joy of riding will have our back with these budget-friendly picks. These will definitely help you to explore and enjoy the joy of cycling. A firm step towards fitness, planning to take up a new hobby, or the desire to have those stylish looking gears and tyres, whatever the reason might be, these brands are your saviour. 

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