Silk Saree Blouse Designs For Every Occasion

When it comes to fashion, it’s definitely a cycle that keeps going. Fashion trends come and go and it is the staples or pieces of such trends that leave a mark and become an all-season inspiration for people. However, there is one piece of cloth that has made a significant remark on Indian women. It is an Indian saree. But there is one type of saree that is known to be evergreen, is the silk saree which also comes in so many options. With such a variety, picking ‘the one’ saree can be a task sometimes. Moreover, getting a ready-made or the stitching of the right blouse with your saree can be a difficult thing. A very simple blouse with a simple saree can make you look underdressed and a fancy embroidered blouse with an equally heavy saree can ruin the grace of the saree according to the occasion. But you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you out with this. We have some of the popular and gorgeous silk saree blouse designs that would complement your saree look just right. 


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How to get the perfect saree look?

Color: Picking up the right colour is important when it comes to the blouse and the saree. The colours of the saree and the blouse should either be the same or complementary or you should go for contrasting shades that would make the look attractive. For a yellow saree or golden saree, you can go for a bold red colour of the blouse that would help you make a statement. 

Fabric: For whichever silk saree blouse design you decide to go with, you can try different options of saree fabrics. Every saree fabric has its own beauty and it adds a touch of attention to the overall look. For instance, georgette sarees are subtle and easy to drape whereas organza and banarasi silk sarees are flowy and give a fluffy look. Also, make sure to go for comfortable fabrics for your silk saree blouse designs so you don’t have any difficulty while carrying it. 

Occasion: Now this one is important. Choosing the right blouse design for your saree is crucial because it can make or break the look of the saree as well. It is suggested that for bigger occasions like weddings, festivals, and functions, go for bold embroidery, embellishments, or other detailed designs for sarees. Whereas, for simpler occasions like the work place, or a get-together, you can opt for simple blouse designs for silk sarees that would add to the styling. 

Accessories: There is so much you can play around with when it comes to accessorising your silk saree blinded design. You can go for tassels, beads, heavy latkans, patchwork, borders, and more. Other than this, you can also go for a pair of earrings or a simple choker necklace to add some accessories. 

Top 15 Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Silk saree blouse designs for sleeves

Silk Saree blouse designs - The Shopping Friendly

Full sleeve blouse:

If you’re carrying a simple or heavy saree, you can opt for the other option of a blouse with full sleeves. This style adds a refined look to the saree while taking the style a notch higher. Full sleeve silk saree blouse design makes it look different and attractive. 

Half sleeve blouse design:

Go for the classic half sleeve design of the blouse which will act as an all-rounder no matter which saree you go for. This sleeve is a safe option for almost all types of sarees and fabrics. You can also add a touch of embellishments or embroidery to hype up the look of the silk saree blouse design. 

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3/4 sleeve blouse design: 

Strike the right balance between style and comfort with the 3/4th sleeve silk saree blouse design. This allows a comfortable movement and adds a classy touch of elegance to the look. This is modest and chic at the same time. 

Sleeveless blouse design:

For those who like to keep it a little extra stylish while flaunting their arms, sleeveless blouse designs are appropriate. When you opt for a sleeveless blouse, make sure that the fitting of the blouse of your neck is right. After all, you don’t want to be awkward while wearing it. 

Puff sleeves: 

A puff sleeve silk saree blouse design brings the charm of the modern yet vintage look. It is made by collecting the fabric near the shoulder area creating a voluminous effect. Add a good border along with puff sleeves to complete the right look of the same. 

Bell sleeves:

Boho lovers! Here is something for you as well. This look of a silk saree blouse design is created by creating a flair (giving it a shape like a bell opening) at the end of the sleeve. Bell sleeves typically look great with the length a little below the elbow. This gives a bohemian touch to your saree look. 

Back & Neck silk saree blouse designs

paithani blouse designs - The Shopping Friendly

Bandhgala/ Band collar designs 

In this design, the blouse is made with a collar that goes up to the neck. You can choose to get the embroidery done on the neck or on the shoulder not having the pallu. Bandhgala or band collar silk saree blouse design looks very elegant with any kind of saree while instantly lifting up your personality in the saree.

Silk Saree Blouse Design with Boat Neck

Finding the right neckline for your blouse is extremely important as it has the potential to make or break the saree look. The boat neck design is another safe and elegant option you can go for as it gives a nice symmetrical look to your neckline if you want to flaunt it. This can be both back & neck silk saree blouse designs. It adds a touch of classiness to your look and goes well on all body types. 

Backless blouse design 

For the fashionistas, we have this trendy and beautiful back design for blouses. You can pick a backless look for your silk saree blouse design for your silk sarees too. Typically this blouse design is quite popular among young girls or ladies who like to flaunt their backs. There are uncountable designs you can opt for to keep it backless. 

Bow on the back blouse design 

If you’re someone who wants to add a cute element to your saree look then you can go on with this design. This is also suitable for those who do not like gaudy blouses and want to keep it simple yet stylish. You can opt for a deeper back with a bow at the end or keep a large bow for tying. This pattern looks elegant and great for smaller events like get-togethers, and farewell parties. 

V-neck blouse design 

Here is another trending neck design for your blouse. No matter what, a v-neck goes very well with silk saree blouse designs. You can keep the length like you want depending upon how plunging you want your neckline to be. Those who like to go bold with their looks would definitely like it. You can even add beads and mirrors to the design as well. 

Embroidery blouse designs 

marathi paithani blouse designs - The Shopping Friendly

Zardosi Thread Work blouse design 

Next up is the best companion for silk sarees. Zardosi is a combination of two Persian words meaning metal threadwork, and Zardosi is heavy metal embroidery that is done on fabrics like silk and velvet. Zardosi embroidery work is very popular for silk saree blouse designs. 

Hand embroidery on the blouse   

If you want to steal the spotlight at an event, then you should think twice before getting this silk saree blouse design made. Hand embroidery is one of the most intricate patterns and works found in terms of traditional clothing. You can get your hands on some of the most beautiful hand-embroidery designs for your blouse and give your saree a glamorous look. 

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Border design on sleeves 

Whether you are planning to pull off a simple and plain saree or one with prints on it, you can keep it complementing and simple and yet look the best at an event. Get your silk saree blouse design the same as the border of the saree and it will look divine. Paithani blouse Designs are another popular among sarees. Introduce the border of your sare to the sleeves of your blouse and let the border work its magic. 

Mirror work blouse design 

Mirror work on blouses is another trend that is making the best pair for sarees. It is a practice of adding small mirrors onto the fabric to create a beautiful pattern. this type of mirror embroidery work is very famous in parts of the world. Mirror work can be done in multiple styles, shapes, and designs. You can get it done on your sleeves, the border of the saree, necklines, or even at the back. 

Kundan embroidery Blouse design 

Last but certainly not least, is the Kundan embroidery which looks absolutely heavenly. If you are looking for something that looks beautiful but not too much on your blouse, then this is what you should go for. Kundan is an Indian-style gemstone that gives a classy and traditional look to any attire. You can get this stone embellished on your silk saree blouse design and it will look stunning with any type of saree you wear.  


You can opt for designs like embroidery, and vertical lines that mask the muscles. Avoid going for puffy sleeves or bell sleeves as they are meant to be voluminous. You can also go for boat necklines which are another great alternative. 
V-neck (less plunging) and boat necklines are considered best for both formal and informal occasions because they give an elegant look to the overall look and suit every body type as well. 
The most important factor while getting a saree blouse is the comfort and longevity of the blouse. You can go for fabrics like georgette, cotton, silk, velvet, linen, etc for your blouse. You can get some good fabric blouses at discounted prices with the Myntra coupon code on the shopping website. 
Accessorising can help a lot in enhancing the overall look of a saree. To look your best in a silk saree, you can add a pair of heavy earrings, bangles, gajra to the hair or simply a fancy blouse to make it look more classy. 
Of course! The best part about cotton blouses is that they can be paired with any type of saree because of their versatility. 


The number of options in the world of sarees is unmatched. You can find some of the most gorgeous sarees to wear along with blouse designs that would complement a variety of other sarees. Not only do women look gorgeous in it but it also gives a boost of confidence. 6 yards of pure grace that can make every woman look absolutely beautiful. They are perfect for special occasions like weddings, family get-togethers, functions, and festivals and women can carry them gracefully. They are the best combination of style and modesty. These sarees come in variations like different fabrics, materials, styles, prints, etc. With this blog, we have provided you with a plethora of options for simple blouse designs for silk sarees to fancy blouse designs that would complement a lot of sarees you might already have or are planning to add to your wardrobe. Let this piece of cloth embrace your body for a special occasion next time. 

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